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About Marriage

[ 4/1/2014 4:47:50 PM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     

  It was reported that the Chinese famous actor Wen Zhang had extramarital affair with Chinese actress Yao Di. The two once cooperated together in a TV drama of Naked Marriage Age.

   Since March 29, when photographs of Wen Zhang on a screct tour of Shenzhen and Hong Kong with Yao Di were circulated on various websites, the incident has become a lightening rod for internet gossip and opinion. After two day’s of silence, Wen apologized online on Monday, promising he wouldn’t disappoint his wife and fans in the future. Almost at the same time, Ma Yili, Wen’s wife and also a famous actress, posted, “it is not easy to manage a great marriage, and we should cherish what is valuable as we move on .”


   It is not a ordinary celebrity’s infidelity, Wen’s personal image was positive before this scanal being exposured. He was regarded as a loyal and considerated husband and a good father. Nobody thinks the extramarital affair would happen on him.

   Now, many people says they don’t believe love and marriage any more. The true love can not be found in the world. But things may not as bad as it be. We should be still positive to love and marriage. Because love is one of the greatest affections and marriage is the witness to love. Marriage is the sustainable of love instead of the end of love. Marriage needs responsibilites, tolerance and trust to support. Without them, marriage will be in crisis. Therefore, please treasure the love and marriage.

About Marriage