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How to choose a good car charger?

[ 3/25/2014 11:18:51 AM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     

  Most of us may encounter such situation: when you have a short travel by car, you are attracted by the amazing scenery and you want to take some photos. However, you find your phone or camera is being out of power, what should you do? Isn’t frustrated ? Now, you don’t need to worry about this problem if you have a car charger.
  But how to choose a good car charger? The most important consideration when choosing a car phone charger is to ensure that the charger you purchase is compatible with both your phone and your vehicle. Consider your needs when looking at different chargers. Decide whether you want to use the phone while it’s charging or whether you would prefer a charger that offers faster charging times. Some chargers also offer extra features such as hands-free communication.
  There are a few different types of car phone chargers on the market today, and one of the best known is the universal charger. The name suggests a charger that is compatible with any phone, but it has been noted that some universal chargers do not function well with all makes of phones. It may be best to check beforehand or to purchase a car phone charger that is designed especially for your phone.
  Car phone chargers generally plug into the car’s cigarette lighter , but some cars no longer feature cigarette lighters as standard equipment. Most car manufacturers install what is known as an auxiliary plug, and these can be used with a car phone charger. Certain chargers feature special adapters that will allow you to use it with an auxiliary plug or with a universal serial bus (USB) port. This means that the phone can also be charged by connecting it to a laptop.
  As it is spring now, let’s drive to countryside with a car charger to enjoy the beautiful scenery.



How to choose a good car charger