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LED keychain light - Good times
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LED keychain light - Good times

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Good times

Floating the passage of time , life was passing flow , Review quiet Gu , text Fangfei overflow culvert fragrant fingertips . Quiet gentle rhyme, Su Fang jigger ink . Condensate bright eyes roll back and forth , the text seems bloom . Owns a nice mood , sweet words roll book chapter , I swing youth , leaving graceful verse , listen to the text , a poem quietly spend every morning and every evening picturesque , pro youth of the good old days !

------------------------------ Inscription

Always used to quiet meditation , in the quiet moonlight , under definite shape their own reflections , and text lasting bonds between silence , deeply immersed in the text , the text of the forest roam , text diffuse fragrance in my atmosphere ! Unlimited reverie ...... pen to write a letter to , eloquent , text bloom at your fingertips . At this point of time is so beautiful, the lovely light text overflowing Fang.

Gently fleeting passage of time , such as water for Love , leaving time for some shallow , either recall the waves ripple Plaza ! Letter play pen ink , meaning and poetry . Beauty and pleasant, swipes condensate volumes. Red I, instant smoke . And by the text , leaving this day mood , since future reward . Memories ripples, Cheng pulls back, dream frivolous ; short view things , sweet smile .

Owns a better mood , the degree of long life ! Sunshine after the storm, the sun is shining every day . (LED keychain light)



People walk on the road, in the lovely words wander , owns a better mood, picture books poetic life , leaving graceful verse . Text -road fragrant Garden , in books wander between the literal encounter. Gazing Plain youth , Love poetry book roll around means fleeting , warm fragrant bouquet of hearts , warm softly fragrant blossoms are good times roll picture.

Let the good times lingering aftertaste , borrow a book volumes years left poetic , impressionistic dream Love. We treasure the good old days , as pure as snow , such as fragrant sweet peach blooming , time to think of it is like yesterday. Walking in the reincarnation of the season , the passage of time, such as quicksand , Review time rippling shallow lake ripples in mind , gently warm or sad story , Chung Dangzhuo joy and light melancholy .

Flower dance flick the window, Xin Man whisk wind , light view things , laughing Red , time to meddle in quicksand , perhaps human Xibei let us temporarily confused disappointment , but at the elegant turn to forget the past , efforts to develop a new world.

Years Fighting, leisurely flee passage , past the wind, turn the clock non-stop , our memories of the past to leave deep and shallow , wipe it away. Rid become the story. Every day is broadcast live , no rehearsal. Fingertip across the wind sadness , spring has gone , autumn has come ; spend zero, people wandering melancholy overflow , quietly thinking . Red Road , failed to keep the past in the landscape , the vertical will raglan away, the memory of joys and sorrows , Review sidelines , thoughts dancing , those passing years cemented memories. Those good times gone, cemented fragrant memories.

Owns a quiet , indifferent meditation , simple pure, bring a ray of warm wind , pick a bunch of warm sunshine ; filled with a sincere smile , laugh Yan sway the most touching , poetic years, in good times sown a soul seeds between each other’s hearts fragrant garden . Intentions springs to irrigate , wave ripples an overflow overflow Dettol Fangfei light blooming ..... (LED keychain light)



Long years , those in the past a little joy, a little sad , have gone quietly guarding a beautiful soul . Highlights fleeting ethereal , always want to carry a bunch of sunshine , warm story once , always want to use a trace of breeze brushed inexplicable sadness, kind of a bunch of Sweet , warm bouquet of flowers , he was full of memories , emerge ethereal , countless wonderful The story so far away ; Qing Yin shallow sing like a dream Love. Memories of the past , the slightest sweet and warm gently emerge , smile filled face, as if back to the good old days !

Cold winter , snow flying , quietly watching, under suspected fairy Yaotai , Yudie flying everywhere flowers. Pure jade own youth , the Trees of pear blossoms . Around to savor the good times , the snow flying in the morning , walk through the snow to forward , the wind snow fun , kind of tastes in mind feeling cold day though , and my heart felt warm. Winter cold , warm smile surplus between heart Chung warmth , smile forever to warm . Pure snowflake symbol of our feelings, many years later is still fresh echoed the slightest warm memories of the good old light spill .

May hanging , people sigh , whispering words , the soul feeling drunk. Italian -hearted , to bring the heart to sleep . Pull the heart Jishu volumes Splendour Pina books , light up the king pillow , smoked drunk monarch sleep. Sweet smile , do not worry about words , quiet meditation , memories overflow ripples, floating old days gone. Flower graceful, meaning linger , elegant flower fly , Hubei ting dance Seduction , diffuse leisurely life , drunk on books , hand in hand day and night , smiling recollection of past beautiful, every day is a wonderful time, the road is long , full text mellow warm , a Fangfei light spill ..... (LED keychain light)