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The beauty of the light - USB Rechargeable Light
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The beauty of the light - USB Rechargeable Light

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Personal rare , such as night-blooming cereus Utah . Between heaven and earth, if fleeting , suddenly nothing , short-lived , short passing . Until the time of spring, and a reproduction of a continuous cycle . Somewhere, there is always this invisible gods in balance all that matter.(USB Rechargeable Light)

Unseen in the past , can not see the future, the heart can not help but worry about the outcome . Finite lives are dominated by the appearance of desire , religious indifference , technology first , we have reason to suspect that everything can be taken in reality , including their own . However, the ensuing insecurity is a huge heart , no matter what form of life and social progress can not be controlled , which makes people anxious but tired. Spirituality and surreal experience began with a wonderful attraction people , people trying to live in the cracks , even a small piece can find a place to breathe . Need not be too harsh on the drawbacks of life , life seems never seem to have a strong innate forces from the province , which is the human race to survive since the reasons for it. There is no reason to question it all, because we do not know too much, we can not rely on the limited experience of the self as a meager standard evaluation , it would be ignorant .

Stop and go carefully study the fate of the existence of emotion behind all religions and cosmology seem to point to one place. Friends say looking forward to 2012 , I also true , really looking forward to . I think perhaps some significant changes that enhance the spirit of change in this area it . If so, how it would be gratifying .

Weiss book , very sincere tone , when an individual tries to put his personal experience of the collective consciousness of the time, the obvious question is , even the most important theoretical research is no exception Jung had once been denied and questioned. But every existence, must have the truth. Do not need to waste time on whether the validation , the most important thing is that we are often being useful inspiration.

For me, more interested in that Catherine and master psychic , in dialogue with the meaning " intermediate state " wise expressed by Catherine . " Intermediate state " information transfer is: God in everyone ’s mind , we need to be close to God , become a god , and then guide more humanity back to God. Let us different evolutionary fate of different spaces , each of us have accumulated a body of past lives of various business lines must be removed before they can get free , get the relief we need to influence more people to return.(USB Rechargeable Light)



This information makes it easy to think of the Buddhist point of view , in fact, love the concept of good and virtuous cycle of accumulation and in any culture and religion are the most important foundation in point . Important is whether the "I" is what people where to go, I have just a small part of the representation and control of breathing , the "I" will only return to the center of successful love , will help people after the power life is so back and forth .

Einstein said : . " Such a person is a part of a whole that we call the universe, limited confines of time and space in this layer among a majority of his experiences , thoughts and feelings , it is often with from the entire world , he lives in a self-conscious see optical illusions in this illusion as a prison for us , we will imprisoned in their own personal desires among care is limited only gave from their own nearest few people we have to do is to be freed from prison this out , we will expand the scope of compassion and caring enough to accommodate all of life , the whole of nature . "

We must realize that the "I" exists only one small piece of the universe flows , in this flow , we never lose the universe that is the nature of God , because that is our whole nature brings, so everything we is to meet the interests of the universe . Only then will we be able to get real relief .

Book looks very popular, I think because people suddenly felt that the end of life without hope there is actually a continuation of exulting . In fact, everything is natural functioning , all things have gone so fast, but that’s not really gone , like reincarnation.

A very young age I thought, why should rejoice for the birth , for fear of death , there is a place we never know , ah, why should we just know we have a little perspective to see things I do not know it, was born joy , sadness and contrast how much ah dead ! Maybe we should like to receive the same joy is born and meet accepted all gone. Like to see the flowers bloom , like birth , growth, maturity , pregnancy, children, grow old, die, different season of life brings us different natural events , perhaps we should be treated like a normal natural events , like wait for it soon.

If you can think it, to research whether the so-called cycle of views will be not seem important, because any part of the ego too much emphasis is " ego " , we need a broader view of the universe . Everything is seamless , time never existed , past and future versa .

Weiss said the three states to see the future of mankind to experience late in hypnotherapy , the final state is a stunning camel everything simple and easy , all things vibrant, rural peace into the world . Anyway, I believe that day will come, and always look forward to.

(USB Rechargeable Light)