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Stay away trip

[ 4/18/2014 12:04:36 PM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     

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"Life must have at least two impulses - one of selfless love , a trip to stay away ." First saw this sentence , he was deeply shaken , that is from the heart resonance. Emotional man is easy , but a lot more like squaring the circle feelings , dim and ignorant , after several unsuccessful efforts to have nothing , really fell in love with a man and poured pay all not everyone can do. Travel is the mood of departure , while Xing away, think again if it is often wasted trip .

Should there be so few crazy , heart sky, while Xing and for, irrespective of results .

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I did not experience the greatest love , but it is really so few stay away trip. Like last weekend to go to Beijing , saying that no purpose is of course impossible , but it really says to go , but there will always be a windfall . Although previously been to Beijing once , but the memory is too vague. Impression on Beijing from all of the evaluation is : congestion, busy , stress, but this trip found the desire to make the city so I have a lot of fantastic scenery. The first station to the North , that my dream university , rented a bike at the door , and into the campus of Peking University students to ride the moment , she felt as if they are all here . Positive noon , the students after class chat while on their way , full of youthful atmosphere . Peking University campus is large, but also very beautiful , I used to think that our school is the most beautiful , but more full of classical PKU , humanistic atmosphere. Weiminghu favorite scenery , like a tree-lined park , the students have read , there are pictures of tourists. Most tourists go hand in hand , and my body seems only a single shadow , want to stay have become difficult to read . Fortunately, met with his own to play Zhang , is a person has to play the same route , they go hand in hand , and two people obviously much more fun to play . Afterward we Peking University, went to the Summer Palace , the garden landscape and more people overwhelmed , in this " garden of gardens " full turn of the afternoon , do not want to miss the scenery everywhere , everywhere he went , I would imagine that it does not like when destroyed , it will be how captivating ah ! Such a dump by the national resources of the Qing Dynasty , set numerous Seiko craftsman , filling the heap mountains repairs made because of the vast gardens of the Qing Dynasty incompetence destroyed , it makes a pity !

Beijing is no longer hazy childhood memories , is no longer someone else ’s mouth crowded noisy scenes , but the real beauty of the city is full of stories .

The trip to Beijing , so I learned a lot , which is the fruit of the impulse . Many times, people need to impulse , the impulse to go battles, the impulse to love, this is the mentality of young people.

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