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Like the feeling faint, dreamy quiet, water is generally tenderness.

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Like the feeling faint, dreamy quiet, water is generally tenderness.

Like the day , clean and elegant , if the wind is light , You Ruoyun .

Smile executive at Enron in a wisp of ink incense , listening to the sound of Mo flowers , those pulling the obsessed , they will pass through the Red years , a pregnant tranquil and gentle .

Captivating , overlooking the Wind , gazing room , there are always some bright minimalist affair , there are always some vicissitudes, over the fleeting , lopsided smile into the PASSING incense .

Xu is accustomed to the depths of memory , large and small, to pick up the familiar past, cried , laughed , and had infiltrated the bone marrow , but also in Taking stock silently , then interpretation becomes terminal . Often do not consciously think of every human life , met thing , is not it somewhere already doomed ? Life was originally due to have a lot of hardships, but nothing worth the pain exhausting life to bear . Cried before they know how to smile more brilliant ; lose , it is more know what treasure ......

Like in the days of clear sky , quietly back pack to travel . Life, you can not have great wealth , but not no breeze , warm sun ; life , you can not have soared, but not happy and did not watch .

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Jug of wine , a harp , a creek cloud , not really a luxury , but it can make the heart quiet. Will push the hustle and bustle of the world to the distant , misty rain to put aside worries floor , a sitting room for the soul , so happy to stray arbitrary .

Often Fantasy : Inter Guanghui , there is a Villas, gurgling streams, peach little heart tired, rest here . Cloud depths , Zheng Fu song tone, Xinyu , natural two lingering ; between Qing Yin , Ann dream , drunk eyes .

In fact , not without injury, is not without pain, perhaps too much experience , heart, only gradually learned to be strong . Everything can not be forgotten to time to forget , everything can not be removed to the wind to soothe , to bring a touch of bright , cover sad , fleeting smile , just so happy a little more, just want to let the good bit strong .

Because always believed : sunny with, is happy ; happy, that is OK .

If the song of life , ups and downs , the sound from the sound off , each of us are singers ; vanity of earthly life , such as tea, or dark or light , or bitter or sweet , we need carefully to taste . Remembered , forget the forgotten , changeable, and accept the unacceptable , perhaps , we can not grasp the future , but we can influence the present.

Flashy thousand, only myself, Red troubles , since I Enron . Plain Love, the exhibition roll heart valves , blossoming I scholarly , without deliberately , without disguise , a gentle fingertip years of quiet good , Tea and mixing an eye Dimei smile.

Twist a finger fleeting , keep a copy of Enron, heart , always smile to warm .

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