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In the spring, in the corner of town

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In February, the wind like a magical pair of scissors , all the decadent world of all cut.

Soft soil began , all the creatures in the soil , they are in high spirits , spirits, one is lurking underground for a long time are like warriors , coincidentally waiting for a just world riots , the time comes, they all are trained Su , healthiness of crack , just wait for the next spring righteous God gave the order , they will set off a dirt jumped out to destroy this world of hypocrisy and evil ......

Spring finally came. One morning in February , dressed in clothing of seven Caixia , expand beautiful wings , with a genial , carrying hope, flying over the forest creek , flying over the village athletics, fly to the coastal city .

Spring has come , the perennial hay stretch muscles in the soil , peach branches , willow , a big lazy stretch waist, ready for pieces of new clothes , the river is covered with ice becomes thin , and began to break, this one to go the top one , a few utter scientific name of the bird standing on floating ice, intently looking at the gap between the ice and the ice , waiting for morning exercises surfaced fish shrimp , making them a delicious hearty breakfast ......

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South corner , there is a sub- vertical Qiongqiong , blind, leaning Pathfinder stick , a living by begging on the streets of the old man , said he heard passers spring, they can not help but looked a vicissitudes of old head covered gully strive to be drooping mouth up with, he kept talking about spring, spring came, in his mind the hardships experienced ups and downs , the spring is sent by God to earth are like a miracle-working doctor , it can heal the eyes of the blind for many years , let him the eyes become wise and bright, he can throw a Pathfinder stick to the suburbs species garden , raising chickens, ducks and dignity , no longer have to listen to some sarcastic comments from ......

In the same corner on the south , the ground was still lying on a professional beggars during the day dressed as a poor man lying on the ground passersby for money, the evening off to a nearby hotel to drink camouflage meat - the professional beggars wear a sufficient professional beggars robe covering the body , patches robes jostling greatly pins arranged in order, as for whether there is really behind those patches holes, passers-by do not know.

This robe is very important for him this professional beggars , he can be a strong arm , along with his strong legs together tightly blocked . Besides, he had a hat , the hat compared to that piece robe credit, diminished one half cents - much larger than the head of the cap, not only to cover his pair of thieves yo eyes, but also to hide his Pieces greedy , indolent heart.

Professional beggars , afraid to hear people say spring is coming , he always felt like a spring police, like a detective , he will expose the truth , exposing his ugly . So , whenever he heard someone say spring is coming , his body wrapped in a robe will not be self-sustaining to play a few shaking his hand to his face that then cover the top of the cap tightly ......

In March, days getting warmer , spring obvious.

Tall grass at the foot of the wall of rubble , quartzite trails in the park , playing a few bends , turn several fold, fortunate to drill out . Some grain breeding plants have also Tanchunaodai from the soil , but also against the grain of the head shell children , looks like a bunch of naughty cute elf. Do wicker child will be sent between full light yellow capsules , facing the water twisting slender waist . Peach branches dense buds, wrapped in a pink one ’s mind . Some well-known or unknown birds , whispered passing river , flying treetop , and from the treetops down to a small villa elegant blue -gray walls , leaving to Huan .

Neighbor’s child , in the window chasing a butterfly , suddenly found skirting the edge of some newly drilled soil grass bud , Gezhuochuangzi tiptoe Xing hurried call to his mother , said innocently skirting children grow bean sprouts , and not let his mother out to see . Young mother is holding a house , "Who on earth to warm your room ," the novel, heard the child’s cries immediately put down the book , toward the children came here , my mother hypocritical to point with your fingertips under the child’s nose smiled and said : silly boy, this is not bean sprouts children , is a leafy vegetable , kids thought the mother would praise himself smart, listen to your mother say some are not happy, scowled children , Duqi mouth , kept shaking her mother’s arms, with a tearful voice said: I say that bean sprouts bean sprouts children children . Mom rushed immediately squat body stroking the child’s head , with all sorts of love tone, said: good good , baby sprouts children say it is , it is the bean sprouts children . Children listened to my mother, proud little face flushed and smiling like a floral immediately , and ran to catch butterflies go. The child’s mother gazing grass bud , eyes suddenly become somewhat melancholy confusion, and gently to himself: if the hearts of the spring , about whether there will always be accompanied by the fragrance ? ......

A corner of the garden , Xunfeng breeze, flowers , such as weaving , some old people have been in this morning exercise , at night , to the garden of different kinds of people , there are a couple walking hand in hand with the heart lonely boy, there are just meat wine forest come out of the pool lounging intoxicating Khan ......

Along the garden paths to a bluestone walk , is a meandering river landscape , very quiet , especially at night , pedestrians rarely . Riparian willows and a few rows of acacia trees, the river was added to an antique wooden bridge, over the years, the bridge stood there quietly , witnessed much everything is clutch , listen to a number of lingering resentment . Tan deck and parapet , at the time of grinding, desultory , reveals a deep sense of poetic, but not significant vicissitudes .

Bridge of an adult is a peach , the other end is a tall ginkgo tree . In late March, the branches of ginkgo extract a piece of broken bits of green, under the spell of the spring breeze gently flowing , like the woman Unspoken thoughts.USB Light

A woman looks郁如海worry , every morning or night will come from the other end of the bridge This bridge head , standing tree ginkgo tree , ginkgo tree branches against quietly staring for a long time , only obsessed with dismay leave - woman three years ago , a snow lightly in the morning, on this bridge encounter a dancing man , two at first sight, often after a similar riverside stroll from two lonely souls Xiangxi dependency .

Feelings of men and women in development when gluey , the moonlight on a cold night, the man holding the woman’s hand standing on the bridge, the woman said softly , he needs to come to work because of a long trip , this trip the purpose is to learn , but also for future promotion. Women’s dismay men left , the future for the sake of her lover , the woman will retain pressure in the heart , then , asked the man out to take care of themselves, an early return.

The man distressed woman in my arms , one hand gently ginkgo tree bare branches pointing to the woman promised : until the spring tree ginkgo tree covered with leaves , that is his return date, and marry her. Immediately, the man will be hung on the chest of a jade off , holding in front of the woman , the woman then a blue earring removed, put in the man palm , be mutually exchanged keepsake tokens of love .

Since then , both the flying snow , or wind and rain, the woman will come to the bridge every morning ginkgo tree staring for a long time .

That year, the woman finally looked in the spring, heading for the originally agreed time with men , ginkgo tree covered with leaves, green every day , but the woman had flowery face, waiting has become dim haggard. Women worried man to see his haggard face will feel bad , so women will use Charm Beneath every morning to cover his face gaunt , his dress elegant as ever, and then came the ginkgo tree waiting for dreaming , sweetheart appointment . But spring has passed, the woman is also similar to the original man did not like.

Fast forward three years in the window of time that has passed, the leaves of the ginkgo tree, yellow to green , green to yellow , now has a spring in March after three years . Ginkgo tree , the woman still did not see the man ’s presence. Past three years, men have made a phone call to the woman , wrote some letters, every call, every letter, the contents are substantially the same as that term is extended temporarily can not go on missing woman ’s heart never idle moment ......

Each letter on the man , only to write the delivery address , return address did not leave , this man explained that far apart , worried woman went to see him, and distressed woman hard road before and no address .

In April, the sun appropriate, the city of flowers , earthly become plump .

Catkins soft and light , such as Cream city is flying in the world together into a lingering thoughts , urban dress hazy blur . Liu Di dressed in green Luoqun on switchgrass lightly , played one song after another melody . Adolescent rose , climbing over walls , a piece of pink flowers prettily quietly run over the wall , like a woman Dimei smile face, she hijacked a passing human body so the thought. Pure water is clear small river , flowing gurgling , small wooden bridge still staring at the water quietly , quietly listening to the earth ’s sorrows and joys , standing on the bridge of the tree ginkgo tree, deep green lush , magpies chattering birds on branches chirp , just waiting for the woman ginkgo tree is still languishing .

Three times for a heart without Qiannian life comfortable for people who only fingertips , for a dreaming , full of thoughts of people, is boundless eternity. Endless waiting, the woman has been flowing black hair shining a little silver, melancholy looks like the sea, haggard and tired physically and mentally , and time are women and so old.

Spring has come such a long time , who Qiongqiong blocks south stand blind child beggars , still did not see the spring , the Pathfinder still stick begging column . That professional beggars lying on the ground , still posing as a poor way , good day to cheat people ’s money, go to a restaurant to drink at night to eat meat .

That night, the woman ’s body will be wasting nest on the sofa , and never go to sleep , she thought the whole night in the dark, the men move repeatedly thought and thought : if you really put it in your mouth , such as persistence, so considerate fine, if you really understand love , treasure , how can you ignore me worried for your thoughts ? How can you ignore my years of struggling to wait ? How can you not taking the time to come back to see me again ? Did you say that spring , you can come back , now past few years during the semester you still say extended involuntarily, which is reason? This can be regarded as a true love yet ? What is the difference it ambiguous ? She wants is a stable feeling, a reliable lover, a stable home , not some vague , gentle touching words, no more than a marginal wait. I kept thinking woman , sank , distressed , looks reveals disheartened , reveals despair , reveals goodbye .

Early in the morning , the sun beginning to shine , shining with the wisdom of legislation dew on the petals of light , the woman trudged to the bridge of the ginkgo tree, this time she did not give dim gaunt cheeks rouge gouache painting , She sings ginkgo tree long to sigh , the man she had donated a piece of jade , gently took off from the chest , buried in a foot of the ginkgo tree , ginkgo tree, then carved with a nail in the small print children : I will thoughts written a flower , breathing in the scent of death in the fragrance ! Thank you for bringing me a crippled beauty, will have no period , willing Junan good !

The pain is much smaller than a fingertip heart pain , then there are like a rusty iron pin , in the women ’s apex fro ......

Once again, the ginkgo tree woman staring for a moment , and went straight away to go , more than tears in torrents cheeks . At this point , she is not for man to tears , but for that period of crippled beautiful and tears. Women leave fast pace , she was afraid to go slow , will change his mind , but because of going too fast , forget to put on the heart , the heart is also hanging in the tree ginkgo tree, her body go farther , heart was torn , the more pain !

She lost heart with a shell , gradually disappeared in a bright spring morning among ......USB Light