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A friendship of shared light is like, if the villain at the turn of Gan-li

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A friendship of shared light is like, if Gan villain turn of sweet wine "from the " Zhuangzi Hill Wood , "" civil use " , explaining the highest level of saints dating a gentleman A " light "word , given the degree of accuracy of the exchanges positioning , light : only the temperature , the lack of color ; vain weight less stubborn ; flow playful, delicate texture ; bland watery , not yet vanity .

Throughout the ages, the number of people with lofty ideals for A friendship of shared full of yearning and longing. A friendship of shared has always been a blend of soul and thoughts. Water gentleman friendship ,A friendship of shared, fresh, clean, and clear , like a trickle .

Water gentleman like dawn dew glistening in the beating , is moisten things silently fluttering rain , drought every nectar is bubbling spring, the sky clouds painted graceful breeze .

Civil use , that is to tell springs and land side, the land magnanimous mind , the true characteristics of the soil , water and waste will not be bewildered in such fields as land understand and accept . Party , spring pure and sincere , water Shanrou pristine land has plenty of heavy water abundance of moisture deep .

Junzizhijiao is the world ’s most beautiful encounter. Met , harps and Naruto is a mountain stream . Met , is a salutary influence fiber cloud get clever ; meet, life is adjourned Meet Kate ; Junzizhijiao bred friendship tree , roots, deep mud , leaves, leading to the clouds, shade and space Arima , aromatic headwind transmission.

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Civil use , the water is " faint " qualities , achievements gentleman " friendship " deep .

Person’s life may not be able to meet their favorite people , not necessarily to get their favorite people . It does not matter, love is in everyone ’s heart , there is an ideal incarnation , who does not love you , you love will be there ; not that the one you love , love you always encounter one ; love can be done. Love is planted in the soil of reality Qinghe , your efforts will always pay and be harvested . It is because of love operability , the man himself , no matter how much hardship and catastrophe experience , except , of love will not be disappointed .

Junzizhijiao is not so optimistic.

Junzizhijiao , scarce .

Junzizhijiao , never a necessity of life . Did not get this friendship of people , life is not necessarily happy, but there will be a gap. It is , for everyone , is the spiritual home of the most beautiful flowers in bloom . Holy , beautiful, sacred , beautiful. If we say that love and affection are to live mundane , it is more like a cup of afternoon tea Junzizhijiao , or that , under the lights at night holding a book reading night , braving the thick aroma of coffee , with its inclusion, your quality of life will continue to move towards the peak , direct the temple of the soul.

If you say " close friends " of the water is excellent permeability flow over the land ; That " light to " water , just as flowing in the quartzite . In this regard , high density hard stone material nature , water can not penetrate quickly , leading to stone surface water , splashing wet stone surface water marks , sometimes cheerful buzz , sometimes silent ; occasionally encounter various obstacles , water also provoked several flowers glistening waves, playing serenade song of life, of life at the same time add unlimited colors , our Eau extraordinary pleasure mood. Live in the mortal world , how far away from the dust ? Worlds of people who can not be separated from "shallow to " between people. Just a "shallow ", which will cast a unique quality of communication. Simple, short, seasonal , like rounded pebbles under streams , bright visible fingertips .

" Light to " mind fresh water can replenish dry feeling. You go over the field , me is seasonal . You do not burden. I have relaxed. Meet two entirely a tire , with no complaints from the relaxed and easy.

Era of lightning -speed development , the pace of life of people like swift drums , instantly changing relationships between people , "shallow to " increasingly become possible , even , is taking bold footsteps along the way, continue to grow, it becomes necessary to modern life .

If we take the " close friends " as a life of luxury , then, " light to " become indispensable in the necessities of life .

" Very good friend " or " light to " no not good or bad, just different for everyone.

People are often greedy . With the " light to " not satisfied , do not realize the twelve " very good friend " and that life really regret .

But, we should know : " very good friend " by fate ; " light to " luck.

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