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I pass by, you flower world

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This beautiful and verdant bloom season , time of exposure to the corner, I no longer mention the word sad , just depending on the oncoming spring , Pro sitting on the window , invited Yimiyangguang sunny , take a warm spring flowers flowers , a book of paper passing scenery .

- Inscription

This quiet afternoon , as usual again stopped at someone else’s words , I suddenly saw this sentence " if it does not belong in the spring , it would make yourself open in the summer , should be destined to bear the harassment storm , let himself in rain stronger . " is such a simple few words , let me think of no reason some beautiful flowers, but also think of a book that is Raoxue wrote," the left half of the wings . "

( A ) meets the purple lavender

Raoxue say that every girl has wings. I think the remark to you right , because in my eyes, you’ve been a girl with wings , a pair of invisible wings , with your dream of flying in a purple blue sky in the text .(led flashlight keychain)

Always wanted to write something for you , but for various reasons , has not yet been pen to paper . This afternoon , see some scattered words , suddenly thought of you , yes, been a long time Bu Zengjian your shadow , and also for a long time did not see your text, I know, is a busy day to let you attend to other , and I also think that this day is the best in terms of you do not have to re- contaminated sad words , leaving only full and rich drip time.In fact, pick up a pen hesitated for a long time , just because I do not know how you write a beautiful prologue , but at the moment, my mind just your leftover sweet smile , the kind of smile make people feel comfortable, warm. I gently come to your home , look at your recent developments. Lush forest , you wore a little straw hat, hat do not flower white flowers , with a dress, white upper body , lower body is green skirt , wearing a pair of white canvas shoes , like a wizard-like , stretched his arms , sweet smile, integrated with this season. Yes, this season fit out for a walk to relax , but I prefer the one in his own house in the world , with a tea, boil for some time .

See that you really like the white , but I also heard that most people like the white is a perfectionist, so you , what should have strong ability to withstand that kind of life should not have to bear is not perfect? Open your one word , I clearly see that you wrote: "Once the pain, and now it is not painful, but converted into a strong force , let me positive and optimistic life, so I will not complain about life , but thank God gave me everything , although the fate of each person’s different, just as the sun can make all kinds of haze drive as if I am destined to be bleak , I burn life force emitted light can illuminate whether I heart . " Yes, in my eyes, you have been a strong girl, sunshine , confidence, love to laugh has been synonymous with you , and I have been at your side , whether you come or not come, I have been in , share friendship not rise.

Your words were not a refinery , but involving love, friendship, family , also have their own experiences, love, fantasy , sincere friendship , family warmth. Impressed me is the experience of the text itself , though not beautiful, but there are forces deter people , often to read always very encouraging , I like to have a positive energy of the text, and I also deeply understand a single word that you unspeakable pain , I think it makes the experience of tears , your own strength is exhausted out of the dance we have a life. After reading the text , and removed it to your photo album , one called " flowers " album attracted me, because I want to see this beautiful girl will like what kind of flower. Opening the album , I saw a picture of lavender Zhang Meili . Purple lavender, one piece open, like a purple sea , it seems talking a beautiful love story. The dear girl , you is not there a purple dream , in order to wait for a love of their own , journeying watch on the memory of the ridge ? I think so , otherwise how would your pen as sad words , a touch of sadness accompanied Sese ignorant .

Lavender , beautiful, sad and quiet . Is not that what your portrayal of it? You sometimes sad , sometimes quiet , yet is so beautiful, like a wizard-like , in my world, brought me so much shock. Half- life , you are quietly doing purple dream, does not seek to usher in appreciation of others’ eyes, no words of praise for the gorgeous , blooming only for himself .(led flashlight keychain)

This afternoon , the potential window into the room air in all folders with a touch of spring , when light writing desk , suddenly want to ask : your city , which has long been eyed by lush , right ? If the direction of the wind fly through your city, I would like to take along a greeting to you listen to it . Mindful of this , somehow , my eyes suddenly appeared in your smile, like a lavender color.

(B ) meet the orange clivia

Jimmy said: "All the sadness, joy will always leave a trace of regret for all the clues , always leave a perfect corner . ." Eye when these words came to my mind started going to a warm man . When you pick up a pen to write , but not by the thought of a flower room , where I is the floral emblem of the city - Clivia .

Clivia heard before , but which is not too much to understand , that is the city flower of the city where I would not wait Baidu a photo. Clivia greeted , not like peonies as magnificent, not as fragrant than jasmine, rose for a beautiful scene and no , it is very common, and there is no other comparable flower color compared . But left impressed me is that the orange-red color, the shape of the torch flower that reminds me of hope , let me feel the power of a life .

Clivia generally bloom in the winter season , the winter more. Yes, the winter , it is the season of darkness and dreariness , and it alone in the cold and windy , bud blossoming flowers, proudly in full bloom , it is not correct to show its tenacious yet ? This tenacious and tough so I thought of you , the warm man .

When you first met , only by a few small talk , you are impressed by my humor , then, you will always be self-serving to say : this girl how such humor. I always laugh at the screen this hair , do not speak. Now think about that time I was a little girl, worldly, innocent, however , after a lapse of so long , because the text I contracted light, have become quiet a lot, although I am still me, but no more then such feelings.

Destiny is undoubtedly a joke with you , in life comes wrapped in the moment , a sudden unexpected calamity killed your solid arms , knowing the situation , I suddenly ignorant, I can not imagine If this happened to me , which is how desperate , how heartbreaking . But when I met you, only to find that you are like the sun , so the talkative , I started suffering this fate to give you more than just tears, there are a lot of understanding, in other words, on a spiritual experience, a spiritual world of great wealth . You said your idol is Hawking , I have no contact Hawking , but in your body to see a glowing thing , the kind of thing defying the storm of life, fear of suffering the tears , it’s called stubborn .

Accompanied with text and ultimately sad day , and ultimately a loss, it is fortunate that along the way , you are quiet in a corner , quietly accompany witnessed my growth , my progress . And I can do, and only moved to pour a love of these characters , and placed the other end of your network . "Girl , awesome, keep it up! " Is such a simple word, I would move for a long time , because I know this simple words you want to spend a lot of time to complete the spelling . Rush days, fewer trips to the contact , and less to the greeting, but this friendship , has become increasingly valuable in the bleak years .

Life’s long road , you pick the most beautiful on earth attitude towards life - optimistic. The face of the suffering of life, you hold up a piece with strong blue sky , facing a twist of fate , you live with a tenacious own way , I like the attitude , but I lack is precisely this positive energy , therefore , often in a bad mood , I always go to your home , look at your dynamic , passionate singing the song after another , learn from Endeavour ’s power. Clivia like that , like other flowers showy than not , though , there is one kind of perseverance, vigorous strength, see Clivia I will think of you , that orange is your body that have color. This April day , the sun was shining day than the day , this small town is not also the scattered Clivia open it?

(C ) meets the white lily

Oh, the beauty of the lilies Yeah, you know , when you pass by quietly , my eyes have been closely will you follow, I do not know what kind of words to describe this encounter , can only say that this feeling is very strange.

I thought I would write a lot of foreshadowing in this prologue to a meet, but at the moment, but I think you left only one sentence: " love your writing , even if you do not agree with me add you as a friend, I will still come see you and you write text, good night ! "Little girl , you know? I see this when the screen this head, I laughed, feeling like there is a slight breeze face. For the first time I see this I laughed, but at the moment , when they begin this sentence, I laughed , feeling like a strain to see the lilies bloom in the wind .

Little girl, you would not think that I will give you write the text it? Well, I think the answer is no. I do not know why write such a text, but I feel that since met you , I should leave something to you, you say ? At the moment, I am the Open dialog box , watching the dialogue between you and me two days .(led flashlight keychain)

I told you I was looking at your text when you have to the sentence : "I write well , just little things of life , think of what it wrote ." Yes, indeed , after my quick , I knew you write the little things of life , including pregnant , there is worry , there are grievances . Suddenly you sent word, instantly made me speechless , on the screen you sent : . " See typos do not mind Oh, we are in Braille alphabet , I can only guarantee that sound right, huh ," staring at the screen , after a long time, I was sent out his own question: " What does it mean in Braille ? " I am both afraid to see the answer, they are so eager to want to deny their thoughts . Just see the next sentence , I was silent for a long time, my heart the softest place to be touched again , perhaps in that moment, I had the urge to write such a text , I think so.

" Late at night, you had today? Today is to recognize you the next day, very happy , remember to smile every day, Oh , good night ! " Is about to fall asleep at night , a message box pops up saying , Oh, this is how a girl determined to ah. In fact , I read your words , I have to you have a general impression, hardworking , kind, strong, quiet , this is for your labeling , and saw these words later, I posted for you a label, cute.

In fact , you’re really cute , and very smart. You know why? Because you said: " Like the lily because it is your primary hand lessons learned off the first flowers feels very nice , it symbolizes the friendship ." When I see this , my heart a little touch for a moment , because I totally did not expect you would say , in what I asked you like to spend , I ’ve regretted it , and I see this when I was touched, moved by your lovely , touching on you beautiful soul . Q. Do you know what it was like orange , your answer makes me impressed , but also makes me feel bad , you say : . " Do not know it does not matter , I think it tastes as good imaging oranges " This answer is how novelty , and how surprising, but typing is not convenient for you, I’m afraid waiting , kept on saying sorry , but you do not know , the screen this head , my heart has been filled with this sudden move . I have not seen you, but know a great shock in a brief exchange, they feel a different kind of beauty in shock , if the sunshine of life to give more time to your day , do not know how excited you are that way .

Read your text, I would imagine you become a gardenia , it is a very beautiful flower, white , innocence , just like you , like pure heart sinking . Fate took the color of your life , gave you a pure heart , allowing you to feel a different kind of beauty in this world , little girl , in fact, you are very happy , love your teachers , your classmates care in this case, the addition of a miss me . Though far apart , but I know you can understand this sincere friendship, love your sincerity , but at the moment I’m also positive with a sincere as you write on a beautiful spring day. I am writing in the world , you are a strain of white lilies , quiet and fresh when you quietly comes, I will not speak , just as you wrote a sincere heartfelt thoughts .

Little girl, I like your kindness, your firm , and your lovely , and I feel bad what happens to you , you said those words feel bad , do not ask why , do not ask worthwhile , just because we met . How I wish you could be so happy every day , something no longer have to worry about tomorrow , do not be worried for the life of frustration , just to be happy and carefree girl. I think you can, right? Because in your body , I saw optimism and open-minded , it is seldom that we have, I believe , after many years , you will be very good, very good. This is a practice of life , do not envy others , do not look to others, because you are your own landscape , as now , you’re the most beautiful scenery in my eyes , if I can, I will, pick a flower, you do not lightly hair.

Postscript: a crowded world, I’m just a passer world passing you do not want to walk so quiet , so I twist the word of the sentence , just for you to write a beautiful chapter Que . Unnecessary world , there is always a landscape of their own , but also there is always a melody can make life glorious release , you may not be good, but it has been working, you may not be perfect , but it has been pursuing , your flowers in the world , had and I met .(led flashlight keychain)