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The secrets of the stars

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Star literary knowledge of the mysteries of the dictionary data compilation
Beautiful night sky , bright stars , it is the imagination . Curious people ask: How far away from us the stars , is what constitutes and how bright they are , why do not you move to each other , how they come, what will happen after the universe really still human? ?
In fact , these are the topics of astronomy research. It is this curiosity , encourage people to use a variety of different ways and means to explore the mysteries of the stars .(ABS plastic mini lights)

Telescope astronomer ’s eyesThe secrets of the stars , but also a good tool to explore the stars . Astronomers see more clearly to the stars , in addition to making the larger the telescope more , but also designed a variety of telescopes , either directly see the stars , and the stars can receive radio waves emitted by radio waves to understand the stars secret. Even more amazing is that people still think of the telescope onto a spaceship to avoid the interference of the atmosphere , seeing more and more beautiful stars.
Boundless universe , we now estimate the star over one trillion one hundred million . We can observed , up to 150 million light-years . In other words, where the light emitted 15 billion years to go to reach Earth , so we see that it is it 15 billion years ago. It would appear that the sky is a history. Suppose we can multiply faster than light spaceship flew distant interstellar where Earth observation , we can see the Earth ’s past, relive history.(ABS plastic mini lights)

The universe is so magical , often beyond our imagination , the stars of the distant , high-temperature , high-speed , volume , density, staggering all ages , at least on Earth is not, so only " astronomical ," said. For example , even the sort of sun , there are 200 billion tons, 700,000 km radius , temperature 15 million degrees , five billion years of age . The energy released per second available for use on Earth 10 million years . Besides , who would think , among the vast universe , between the star and the star turned out to be a vacuum , no rag air it?

Star is such a mysterious yet colorful . Every star is like a charming eyes and inspire every aspiring teenage friends , grow up to explore its mysteries .

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