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By the "shiji" writings in classical style

[ 4/23/2014 10:37:01 AM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     

From the " Historical Records" Tan classical literary knowledge by the dictionary data compilation
"Historical Records " in the " Biographies of Lian Po Lin ," The first is a classical , followed by a plot twists , characters plump literature.
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Classical teaching is easy to form the two extremes :
First, the classical teaching into ancient Chinese, the quality and beauty of a text articles decomposition fragmented , read paragraph by paragraph , sentence by sentence speaking, Yiziyizi solution, the entire class of students are in a passive position , boring , no interest .
The second is to completely abandon teaching classical foundation , speak about the special stresses its artistic features , image analysis .
How to deal with a good classical foundation in teaching and literary content , individualized, is a teaching practice must be addressed . In last year’s training had been discussed classical teaching, a lot of people put forward the " text" and "words " both perspectives . Training with " Lian Lin Hsiang-ju " for example, talked about the "Historical Records" of teaching reading , reading " Biographies of Lian Po Lin " teaching video clips , the experts made the following recommendations :
First, the teaching of this text , with emphasis on classical learning to guide students to learn how to read , " Records of the Historian ." Teaching must seize objectives in this regard , the characters discuss , analyze problems , we can not deviate from , always closely linked to the language of the text , to prevent " Forgetting words," understand the meaning of the text , but did not learn the language . Just to understand the story , listen to stories , watch theater , reading vernacular Records , can be done, but it is not teaching the fundamental purpose of this text .(Mini LED Rechargeable torch)
Second, the first class assignments, teachers should ask students to sort out , the accumulation of knowledge , to take concrete measures can not simply be the way to put the past . How to check for the second class a lesson assignments , but also need to be considered .
Third class classical knowledge about classical vocabulary and practice , whether some other form of multi- conceived , you can also contact the relevant words and previously learned knowledge to compare .
Outstanding problems are mainly due to the classical teaching classical relatively far away from our lives , so there are some differences in grammar and syntax of modern Chinese , but also with a number of modern Chinese word usage is not the same , especially ancient and modern different meaning , parts of speech , students say a fog cloud to go , so increased student embarrassed emotions. Base slightly better explain to students through textbooks and books the teacher’s notes , you can remember some of the curricular knowledge , but give him some articles have not seen helpless . The teacher lectures because these issues are often accustomed to classify knowledge systems to teach students to always think speaks more students to study the better , so that a class is boring voice teacher and student intoxication desire sleep eyes , so that students do not see learning initiative , not to mention the enthusiasm . We want to know not only learn to appreciate classical knowledge , as well as art. For the " Historical Records" , even more so . But the entrance of the baton also plays an important role , so we can not blindly emphasize a particular aspect , but from the overall start, basic knowledge and appreciation of literature in hand .

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