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Environmental protection life water saving tips

[ 4/23/2014 10:43:26 AM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     



1, the election of non-phosphorus washing powder - protection of rivers and lakes
Most of China’s production of detergent phosphorus . China’s annual output of washing powder 2 million tons , at an average of 15% of phosphorus per year there are more than 70,000 tons of phosphorus discharged into surface water , rivers and lakes to have a big impact . According to the survey , the total phosphorus levels of Dianchi Lake, Xuanwu Lake are quite high , Kunming sewage into the phosphorus in detergent than 50% of the total phosphorus load .(Mini LED flashlight USB)
2 , guardianship water - protection of water sources is to protect life
According to environmental monitoring, the national daily that about 100 million tons of sewage discharged directly into water bodies . More than half of the seven major river systems in the river water contamination. 35 focus on the lake , there were 17 serious pollution , the national water 1/3 is not suitable for irrigation. More than 90% of urban water pollution is serious, more than 50% of the town’s water does not meet drinking water standards , 40% of the water is undrinkable , 60% -70 % of the total water volume of the southern cities is due to water pollution.
3 , a multi-purpose water - let the water reuse
70% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water , about 14 one hundred billion cubic meters of water , which has 96.5% is water. Although the rest of the fresh water, but more than half of the ice , rivers, lakes and other water resources can be directly used , only about 0.003% of the entire amount of water .(Mini LED flashlight USB)

4 , to prevent leakage - inspection, maintenance and faucets
Faucet not tightened , a loss of water is equivalent to the total population in the evening drinking day dryland Africa or Asia in a village .
5 , caution cleaners - as far as possible with soap and reduce water pollution
Most detergents are chemical products, detergents content of a large number of large wastewater discharged into rivers , water quality will deteriorate . Long-term use of improper cleaning agents can damage the human central nervous system , people’s mental retarded, thinking ability , analytical ability to reduce , there will be severe mental disorders. Detergent residue on clothing , cause skin irritation occurs atopic dermatitis, long-term use of higher concentrations of detergents, cleaners will carcinogens from the skin, mouth enters the human body , damage to health .
6 , cherish the paper - that is cherished forests and rivers
Paper is one of the reasons for the surge in demand for wood consumption growth , the country was 10 million cubic meters of timber and paper consumption , imports more than 130 million tons of pulp , paper imports more than 400 million tons , which is the number of trees to be felled ah ! Lot of paper consumption not only causes of forest destruction , but due to the production of pulp discharges make rivers and lakes are seriously polluted ( pollution caused by the paper industry accounts for more than 30% of the entire water pollution ) .
7 , water pride - always turn off the tap , do not let the water flow of air
China is one of the world’s 12 water-poor countries , the world’s freshwater resources per capita amount of water is less than 1 /4. More than 600 cities nationwide , more than half of water , of which 108 cities serious water shortages. Surface water scarcity caused by excessive exploitation of groundwater . 1950s, Beijing wells at about 5 meters below the surface of water to be able to play , now Beijing 40,000 wells average depth of 49 meters , groundwater resources are being exhausted .

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