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Into the nature of feeling like-fashion mini torch

[ 4/30/2014 6:00:41 PM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     

(fashion mini torch)



Rongrong Suigetsu

Best season

Outing, Xiangxie a graceful tenderness

Listen to the music of nature landscape play


Shadows, the stream edge

Patches of light green swaying in the wind

We talked slightly

I’m afraid to sleep woke up this dense world

/(fashion mini torch)

Wan Lai silence

Under the moonlight, Pitt’s only deep-water slowly pouring

Drift Qing Yin’s Fragrance

Disseminated soft warm delight


At this section

Everything is enveloped in a noisy section

Into this quiet rare

Let never take a rest and quiet spirit


On the steep rock roots twine

When I could stand here all overlooking

It seems that all thoughts are upwind resolve

Those restless too slowly cooled with Qingning


Into the nature of feeling like

That mountain, the water, the flowers, the leaves

Although people can not be compared with the material universe

But the human mind, but you can go beyond the universe

(fashion mini torch)