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My heart, lost in your city - LED keychain light with dull polish surface

[ 4/30/2014 6:05:53 PM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     

(LED keychain light with dull polish surface)



Dark blue wind

The mind swaying became Yilianyoumeng

I seem to see your elegant figure

So close, yet so clear


I’m leaning in the wind

Listening to the soft language of flowers it garrulous

Love is still old as ten thousand kinds of grace

Blossoming in the past and in the

But can not deliver that promise a peach water


Always think

Love is happiness

Even hurried Akimitsu dream

That ’s a fleeting dip fireworks

All in the most beautiful once you give

/(LED keychain light with dull polish surface)

Often think

If life did not meet with you

I will not for one person

Pour pay all the truth

The sink in a weak heart among Acacia


Horizon one another, each of Ben Seton Hall

Hurry , my heart

Has been lost in your city

Perhaps everything is predestined love

But you have become my reluctant dreaming


Thinking of you

After the sweet smile always

My heart will breed a touch of shallow pain

So, I twist a heart of Hong

Then find traces left behind in the text


Habit of living in harmony with the moonlight

With scattered text tells lonely voices

Should you know

Please next spring

Kiss your brow that a touch of pink

(LED keychain light with dull polish surface)