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Calm approach to life, live vicissitudes - Handheld Mini Fan

[ 5/7/2014 12:19:10 PM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     



Calm approach to life ,

Live vicissitudes .

Youth is no longer there anymore ,

My dream and reality seem to overlap.

Hard gardener is my young career when ,

I love this extraordinary work !

(Handheld Mini Fan)

The face of those innocent flower of God ,

I am hard at work, weeding, watering ;

Let me gorgeous flower garden seasonal cycle ,

Aromatic drunk tourists past

There are people who spend educating !

/ /

My leg pain aggravated disease in middle age ,

I adjusted the organization to post,

Simo cordial and Arabic numerals ,

That is, people often describe property rights in hand ;

Then life difficult,

Number of thick yuan I never heart ;

Curbing are little more errors

Gongsifenming is my personality ,

By the book is my work ethic ,

Do not mess expenses are stubborn I always adhere to the principle of

Activities in cahoots with me away .

/ /

(Handheld Mini Fan)

The forty people start downhill,

Originally the body is sick of me ,

Years has been the river edges

Erosion was ambiguous ;

At this point I do office work and file management ,

Ordinary post refining the patient meditation.

Window does not represent the work of individuals,

Correspondence education is the party cadres

Completed postgraduate studies of an era ;

I am a performer of that era work

Uplifting observe the dedication of my patience,

Serious and responsible is the purpose here ;

Ten years of my chores Momo practice,

No regrets , no so expect to live

Never do a rusty screw up but life !

Somewhere good like a dream come,

Job promotion is an unexpected delight !

Thank heavens blessing given seat !

/ /

(Handheld Mini Fan)

Hometown celebration and enjoy their grandchildren !

Grab feces wipe the urine became my daily work ,

Penguin face infertility young lives ,

I came to understand the burden of multiple ?

Working so hard to sleep at night ,

Oh ! Bittersweet called life !

Blink four stole my freedom,

In return for a lovely

Healthy children slim,

The original way of life is Kuzhongzuole !

Sneak regain this period hobbies,

Computer Literacy I’m blind to fathom ;

Leisure pursuit of spiritual happiness buried in the text ;

Years from the fingertips calmly walk through · · · · · ·

The original life and this spring plateau

Like seasonal cycle blossom !