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Me: how you understand life

He : life is born, to live

Me: how do you understand to live

He : That was only the rich , the poor are not our day

This is a logistics park some time ago I asked a single member of the open dialogue

Me: how you understand life (Lovely LED keychain light)

He : My life was raped

I : So you enjoy

He : uh , well

It was a few days ago I asked"liao wen rui"a conversation , mostly joke

Me: how you understand life

Yourself: feelings of life , perception of life , life experience , independence and freedom

Me: how do you understand to live

Myself: nothing exciting , simple

This is a question and answer myself , thought the majority

Some time ago I would use these questions to ask different people , including myself, life attitudes , different day , how to perception of life of it, everyone is different , I see sky , you see , I drink water, you go to bed , I walk, you smile, each screen can make some epiphany , I did not Buddhist roots , but I seem to have , but did not find , How about you ?

Recently, read some books , Chai Jing "see " for a number of reporters , some news , some of it . Yu ’s " Cultural Journey " , as they say, you can write prose , and walking. Watching , feeling the culture, I want to sing ( ascetic ) this song , I walked north from the south , from the Black went white ; Lung Ying-tai , " watched " My favorite is a one paragraph is : a few people sitting on a stone bench in the park spontaneously , do not speak , just look at days , tai said: I saw it. Yu Hua ’s "To Live" , alas , this work is really to give the reader hope and despair, once again , ruthless describe the fate of impermanence , to live is the greatest reward of life , living will, can not be any defeat , including the fate of ; there is a the author does not know "the last of the Loess Plateau ," describe the use of images with text , I do not like , but still read, and would like to know the northwest , to understand the Loess Plateau .

Recently read the book , are not related to economic management, see the essays, narrative , literature -based, history books , hey , just read the first historical records , talked about the Han Dynasty , historical ah history, I am very difficult mind to come , see, when the economy off some of Twenty-Four Histories want to buy a home , carefully considered if there 64 , you can put a small bookcase , and history ah history, they say, Chairman Mao died in time, also called the Twenty-Four Histories others to read it, history is a lifetime , do not be lazy , to see it

I want to learn the flute , or flute, always wanted to , but do not know the difference between a flute with flute , go to the bookstore and asked to know some of the piano , the cross is blown flute, bristling blown flute, the flute that it was the first school

(Lovely LED keychain light

Me: Boss, how charges

Music : two classes a week , a lesson 60 yuan

Me: That time can be yourself?

Music : No, the teacher arranged to

Me: Oh, forget it , the money may be out , but I want to make their own arrangements for time

Well, then look chant , see if I can go to the park to find a teacher , coach forget.

Recently the road , sunset photos, in Longdong there, ran a woman , just looked left, then I Master pedestrian bridge, and saw her, I say my phone , she walked her way , I’m off the phone , and looked at her , long hair , long white dress , I went to the site, she walked the site, look for a moment , fluttering in the wind , blowing her hair with long skirts, sunset horizon , getting closer , her figure farther , fate inadvertently, hesitation when off the line .

Refrigerator at home, empty , has been empty a person’s life is such that sometimes a few months before going to the supermarket , and some daily necessities in the store to buy accessories , among them the beer , I’m not so fond of drinking , but sometimes working late, inevitably tired , then drink a bottle of it , is the cans of Budweiser , exterior color green seem cold compared to those in Qingdao , taste better, buy a box , a refrigerator filled with a layer of semi- months, the fridge is empty , after the refrigerator is full, then empty, then full

Walk, they also learned to say , what specific knowledge, I do not know , but I was able to feel , walk, how to go before the most comfortable , personal feeling, a good way to go , keep the heart combined , if the heart is heavy , walking shoulder to pick a hundred pounds feel like, look at the scenery nor the mood, if the heart is light, breathing naturally light , feel the wind blowing gently , walking on the comfortable , light do not float , it is a realm.

Good text message but do not know , my half-baked effort, such as work hard to learn , would not really be hanging in the air, touching the ground up . But then how good , I recently was thinking, writing articles , or pan , is not empty, do not float , in retrospect , I wrote some articles I wonder if there is such a problem , write articles , to stick to gas , is to source from life to life, so that the reader can understand , can read, can lead to thinking, and I have some articles that he felt a great mood , write their own time, are fully integrated into the inside , but made out , very few can understand , the reader is looking for , I was writing , the reader can not read, that’s my problem.

Fame , few writers can do , can do are an expert, a few days before Taiwan’s Chou Meng , gone, gone bliss, he is a fame of the man, his work , although only a few of the , but it is a few of the classic , with a soul , do not cater to business , write your own thoughts , enlightenment , the lines are to understand, that’s all , others had high because few , if more, it is the same not high, so few people indifferent to fame , is an expert of .

I wrote the article , perhaps I can not be called articles that level , because I think the article is published , or on the books , so I do not mediocre level, but also much temper temper , eat more from the reality , take some mountains and the earth precipitate some read more books, more books, and had some stomach ink can spit ink , after I wrote the article , not the Department SHEN Zhi Chao , like a pen name rather than text message, yes, but not Wen Wen

One day, a few people came to the park side , I do not know you, you do not know me , a Zhangdan Zhuo , a few stools , sit down , and I sit down, you look at the far side , he looked tall , I looked at the sky , and suddenly he laughed, you laughed

I am confused to ask: What are you laughing

They say : I have seen

I asked : Do you see what

They said: You look Days

I looked at the sky , looked no different , ah, blue, white, gray

They said : You will see, it is time yet to come


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