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Gray fairy tale--Mini LED Rechargeable torch

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Always have access to the prince fairy tale happy ending , Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and happy life together, Sleeping Beauty after being Prince Wen Xing happy life together , turned into a beautiful princess Cinderella after the heart, frog prince after getting the princess kissed restored the original fairy tale story of Mo Yang ...... basically perfect ending. Here I want to say is , in fact, behind the beautiful fairy tale has a gray fairy tale , in my mind you , but he does not occupy your most only.

Memory fairy tale in mind there are certain components. There is a fairy tale memory empty old house with an old lady sitting on the chair, rickety , mouth hanging hint of a smile that no one can understand , such a strange environment , and of course there is an important role , appeared in the old lady ’s house, flashing green light , then jump out of the brush is heard from the house , jump on the roof, called upon from time to time rather than one or two, aiming, meow ...... elegant step stamped the dark green tiles , silent . Black cat standing on blue tiles , like standing on the piano keys , play a song first ecstasy , slowly everything seems to be attracting the eyes , like being sucked into a black hole, the hole inside quiet silent , as the soul is like being evacuated , leaving only a shell.

I touch around and found surrounded by memories of fragments, a two , there are numerous pieces . To be an adult is always noise back in the real world , my world noisy up . Black cat disappeared, and jumped from the roof down , sprang to the old lady disappeared , leaving only a wicker chair still kept shaking , surrounded by old houses planted with bamboo, bamboo leaves falling, was able to hear the sound of crying , like abandoned wife crying like a child did not eat sugar sobbing like a black cat falling roof groan . A cat leaf . Fairy tale is gray.


(Mini LED Rechargeable torch)

Fairy memory will always be in my heart the slightest pain. Memory of the fairy tale has a strain laden pear trees, which flourish in the spring , there are countless bees around it is spinning , buzzing sound harsh, sharp , comparable killer ear. There are paintings on thick makeup butterfly , in pear four weeks wink , gorgeously dressed , like most fairy Journey to the West , all cold as ice , brilliant as a ghost , a strong visual impact , shook me and my little partner . Winter pear faded own gorgeous dress, just like a snake molting , like , just rest after a night storm bare branches, came home from school late, saw kindred pear , twisted branches, dry trunk , termites devouring trees heart, there is falling from the trunk white powder like ashes. Will see more of a nightmare .

Sure enough , that night , I had a nightmare, a dream , I am a man under the pear tree , far overlooking it , this time of pear , like a climb out of the remnants from the ruins , on crutches , a broken arm , one hand stretched out to the sky trying to bend the four fingers , trembling in the wind , the wind had also rustling sound, which is to say: I’m so painful ...... . I am standing in the distance , a man , felt the pain of the tree. However , I can not help the tree . Blowing in the wind, which makes my pajamas , casually fly . Fall, the fruit of the tree , but a gust of rain , oh fruit off the ground, getting up to go to school we saw the fruit off the floor , they get to pick the fruit , the fruit fall to the ground , and some rotten half , half of his face like a rotten , some rotten , exudes a unique flavor , the taste is very unique , that is not clear , but added a bit like a musty room exudes taste. Some have occasionally broken fruit unknown small animals to climb out , we always surprised , once, from the fruit fly out of a large bee , the bees quickly catch up with the size of the thumb , nap when I was at school , dreamed of bees grow , grow bigger than me, and also with chopsticks after tail -like sting , it is scary. One person, one tree. Fairy tale is gray.

Memory of the fairy tale will be a little bit sad. Memories of home, surrounded by a bamboo forest just south of the only hint of sunshine , back home in the mountain , the mountain and build , imagine yourself living here every day , is not it sometimes fall from the mountains . Side of the mountain , is the burial mounds . Elders who said: "Every dead person will turn into a bird, the bird will be called , called the voice sound like a windmill turning so there is a glimmer of fear, afraid to hear the kind of bird calls . fear of passing the hill, there is a row of pine trees on the hillside , I secretly suspect that every grave is there a pine tree , and in that case, the soul will drift away to find his way home in the morning , smoke-filled, it is who died in breathing , spit his own dirty soul , absorbing the essence of heaven and earth . evening , vanished, it is dead in hurry, rush to their lives the way , find their resting place at night . nights , deep charming , it was dead eyes, we can see from the eyes of tomorrow’s time. hill turned into a soul , wandering in the mountains , and saw him, do not be afraid , he was just a child, it will only make you dodge . a mountain of soul . fairy tale is gray.

Memory of the fairy tale is a little bit sad. Memories of home have a river , is a river, even during the dry season will be completely without water . The source of the river is a cave , deep caves , nobody went inside . Creek is usually very gentle, but it is such a river when there will be violent , surging summer , once someone involved , no longer found. I think he was turned into a Water Monster bar, there is a cluster of deep water plants , like a woman ’s hair , still knotted , water can not be combed the hair. Article which said : Only Kelpie is the best understanding of the river , because the heart Kelpie see the river. Sometimes we can not help but down to the rivers , to go and talk Kelpie , immerse yourself in the water , even through a layer of flesh and blood , but we can still be heard heartbeat Water Monster . Of water a ghost . Fairy tale is gray.

Gray fairy left in our hearts , let him occupy a place in our hearts , because there is no gray fairy tale , then it will not be a good fairy tale better .

(Mini LED Rechargeable torch)