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Time remains the same, once scattered--waterproof led light

[ 5/9/2014 10:26:43 AM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     

(waterproof led light)


Man , Ice

Wind gloom hate haze days in the Rain . Time still chase the fleeting , disbanded once .

Rain again and again , lights sleepy night deep . Style remains , abandoned a previous life , precipitated life . Broken chord of life and continued , continued another break . Still OK , twists and turns , Half flashy . Termination or broken.

Or memories of those who can not afford to remember , have been blown up a scattered. Duyi window, on the desk Alocasia pot on display , as well as two basins hyacinth . Breeze blowing, floated the slightest aroma. Scattered over the ground thoughts. One has already miss atrium fills , apologies have already blindly fill voids . Eyes thrown a white light.

Rainy night quietly , listening to the symphony of nature gives us . Rhythm , with her unique charm to conquer the world, although the rain sometimes very naughty .

Time onward , mercilessly from the fingers glide . A little melancholy , indifferent two points , three thoughts, I promise quarter time, dyed my Half blurred . Looking back, tears quietly falling . At this point the situation condensate fear people see . The cool night rain , the Red Weiyang exhibition . Millennium War , enchanting night , Huanxisha . Exhausting the world, bustling off Da , washed the dust . Earnest love , love child of a dance and eventually became martyrs, hate Elegy on the clouds .

(waterproof led light)

Light twist times, ravaged memories. Burning the years a solitary . Writing I, joys and sorrows , deeply grieved . I, crazy , whom will wait . I downtown, will whom deduction. I attachment , whom will toggle . Forget Road, Baiyun head , thought Nine , Nine minds . Time back 10 years ago . That year ’s Lunar New Year 29. Lighted total Qinghui anxiety . Grandma in the kitchen busy day, call me trash , because fun , feet never move to the kitchen , to provoke angry grandmother , now that I think is also very sensible, but also to come back after his father scolded me about it, finally down garbage . Really the purpose of doing , my grandmother ’s mind was how I did not see through it? I suddenly felt very hateful . The next day, New Year’s Eve , with the parents wish. I have to apologize to his grandmother room , grandma she said such remarks , "big , small, sleep fine. Gone, nothing. Were not at ease on ." After hearing this , my heart sighs , relieved a lot. But my heart is still guilty, full of apologies.

Jade eagle wings, dust passing. Once had become memories. If ten million dead branches waiting time for it to put dressed spring . Mountains and rivers of tears , the world drunk. Drunk heart, tired content. Stop? Lengran everywhere . Pick the curtain , midnight bell awakened nor sleep.

Wind force of tapping the window frames , the rain washing the earth swallowed their anger . Night darkens , like water flowing, flowing a distant dream .

Que a word Yilianyoumeng . Year after year , month and year after year . Ever. Seeing pavilions , dim fleeting . Past office, thinking Fangfei , recalling now . There had been , " Xia pavilion carved jade cup , farewell song, laughter and joy for a short sky ." Have had a " fleeting chaotic heart , too sad, sitting in the window looking down Plum busy indifferent sadness . " also had " Gordon Huashan , look misty, a subset of goods by history , too uprightness of spirit . " this is life , pregnant with sorrow . Happiness is temporary, sadness is temporary . The past is the past , life continues . They played a starring turn in the field of the most precious human warmth .

Past by the wind , but since has become a boat . Water View, Lake Film . Silence , quietly waiting for the next spring. Nostalgia past, black hair white hair .

Emotional long, tender pieces , Bliss just a few . Little bit of the past, in my heart. Beaujolais cup unhappy one thousand branches, earth and charming, landscape obstacles. Argun is earthly longing . Horsens is earthly attachment. Heart sent to the south, as the earthly home.

(waterproof led light)

Ray of thoughts, full of a sense of loss . Millennium reincarnation exchange with a good word Que Que quatrains . Tea extravagant swirling , cherry blossom . Earthly parting only write one after another touching melody.

Therefore, in thinking , still dream . Witness the wind and rain for the media . Yanziji , sun cliff. Majestic mountains , the leaves island . Reversal of God , tears still in force is changed . Earthly called blurred past . Fixed yesterday. Cold moon , the Goddess of silence. Fireworks downtown, Red smile. Ice Xiaoxiang month, sad patches of clouds scattered. Nung, moon and new moon . Everything is a cloud, by a fleeting , scattered once .