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Every time you read the text , has a kind of inexplicable sadness. I do not know this feeling is the legendary "resonance " , also, or nagging thought the lights dim , nor out of the window of a pear or a dream rainy , snowy fall.

You say , "Tonight , for the first time under the summer rain , rain big , shallow dream awakened me get dressed , standing at the window , looked blankly crazy rain hit the tree Indus tree. leaves, in the rain beat , shaking , moaning . leaves, also hurt you? "

I think , at the moment you set Duyi oblique bar, look at the crystal and look, a curtain of rain into the quiet eye, a trace of moisture into the heart . (USB rechargeable lights)

Woman ’s heart , always so soft , like this summer ’s rain , instantly blurred vision, heart stumbled not rely on the shore , in the endless rainy night , and down, back and forth. Ye also hurt it? No, the pain of the heart, a sad heart on a rainy night .

Met with him , was not it in such a rainy night ? He is so inadvertently pushed the window of heart , into the past of her life. With the most silent companionship , Ann warm with no rain, according to the fleeting , the most poetic picture, opened a bright spring , with the most gloomy colors, her mind share of helplessness, loss, sadness vividly on paper, let her know that in the days of career , Hazel corner , there is as a person, read the lotus whisper , her mind .

She , so drunk, drunk in that a friend , that a silent silent guardian , and that regardless of years of geometry , time dash , and the king meet, Mo flowers ; fell in love with the king , Bluebird Pathfinder . Heroes do not talk , do not turn back thousands of twists and turns, without thousands of landscape seen , just the one , "Oh, you are here ", it is enough.

If we say that the Red dream , years affectionate , that he meet with her , is a song of love elegy . Who knows, the woman ’s heart is not filled with bustling colorful , who Zeng woman’s love, enchanting only one person who can understand, lotus whisper , not very dedicated , how to understand ?

She is not the Empress Dowager Princess , nor is it a fairy tale Snow White, but only that for him, his smile bloom . Bloody country , how the enemy of her eyebrows a little cinnabar, majestic rainy night , the final defeat of his sentence: "You pass that picture , the girl sad eyes, I have not been able to forget ."

She never for him, ten red makeup, Tsing Yi, dance, dance fleeting , life just for one person . But also , one heart , only for him to open . In thousands of landscapes , and upon every night, in fine, clear when the number of years of quiet , the flow of young dye , and she promised him a bright future.

She said that people who love words , is lonely ; then , I think, not because of lack of friends lonely , lonely not because nobody companionship , but because of that heart , has been casement tight cover , never opened . It is precisely him, he was in that rainy night , with a dripping rain , pushed a lifetime ponder .

He said he met her soul will have a home ! And she has a deep affection in your sink , quietly with him dependent on the time in !

I think life is among the most romantic thing , and you are not getting older , but no matter when , there is always someone around , quietly accompany . Companionship, is the best gift , companionship is the best love, companionship, is the most beautiful sweet words . Woman ’s heart , like a dream of flowers, always can not withstand the ravages of wind and rain , can not stand the fleeting years always gorgeous , always need to have a warm embrace, a warm rely on.

So , she said , quietly with his time in dependency . Dependent, Yilianyoumeng her , I love her long . He promised her to find a place in the suburbs , built a house belonging to them , to have a big yard, planted with a variety of her favorite flowers, especially to her favorite calla lily species . Even, you can also raise chickens . He has been looking for the right place, and all other arrangements , they can have their own home.(USB rechargeable lights)

In the most beautiful time , the fate of the ruthless hand stretched always beautiful daring . A ruthless car accident broke her sleepless clear dream, a land disturbed petals . He said there was the pride of his own , can not promise her life together with her , so a person go first, waiting for her in the afterlife the way , the unfinished edge adjourned life , their love ends.

Her silent , only distressed , life and pain.

Everything came so suddenly , everything came too hasty , too late wheezing, gentle too late , and even a chance to say goodbye , he disappeared in the vast sea .

Buddha, edge to get together, away from the edge to make phase . But their fate is really just so it?

Their love of this world , this life did not show eyebrow , in that moment screeching halt , leaving only scattered on the ground of sadness. She sighed , years of age a man , she thought , he ’s whispering , she recalled , they had traveled together . The world, the most painful thing is not the Buddha flesh to feed an eagle , but a good heart, life and life so separated , separated out of a hole , distressed day , every night heartache.

He said they could look at the books in the house, listening to music ; he said he would do a lot of food for her , so she can eat the most delicious everyday meals ; , he said, when he was painting in the yard , she can I like to write text ; , he said, his spare time, he put on my portfolio, she put her camera , they can spend their nice , quiet time in the mountains in mind ......

Available , although in Mount Union , sea oath is empty. Peach remains the same, much has changed. Acts leaving her, that helpless, confused, sad girl wandering in the earthly , in the years of ups , a faint , deep , softly distressed, with her every sunrise and sunset , spring and autumn come .

Rain still falling, pain , my heart is still spreading , sadness , had reflux into the river , wander away from a summer song, a woman of sorrow. Rainy , rainy night , you’re not Xiaoxiang concubine Duyi window that rainy night , but then neither is the Candle Bashanyeyu time , but not the rain moisturizes things in silence the moment you burst majestic sadness, while thorough heart watering , from her fingertips , flowing out of a section of text hurt , pain waves osteoclasts .

Heard people say that the text is a human soul dancing. So, he with her ? Who ’s who in the words disturbed dreams, who whisper wet Whose heart , who is washing the rainy night that a helpless , dazed with grief ? Wind is not live , moonset West Wing , there are Iraqis Come , lean on a railing and look . Yuehen Gambhir , surplus according to the Indus . Feng Qiwu flowers hardly ever, he poured her heart into it slowly .

Text, her writing , is still flowing between the mind , the heart suddenly wind dance on a lotus leaf .

Qing dance lightly , clear dim shadow , smile , suspected fleeting .

Trance , and as a dream. In that rainy night precarious corridors, he relative standing with her four across the head , he has been blown flute , her dance song Seduction. Phase and harps , flute dance corresponding to a lifetime of love , fixed in that moment , only the eternal words , at the moment , is forever.

I do not know in which city he was , at this time , but also life and life to hurt?

Her words , a " pain " word at the end. As the year they never met, never met, never fall in love , never had later later later , she is still the woman in white women , and the world helpless . That helpless , confused, sad woman, Xiao Lin tis twenty years ago , he white like snow, she opened lotus early dawn , cordial encounter, sigh , the original, you are here .

Text, is really a person’s soul to dance it?

I think maybe everyone’s interpretation is different. However , to me , to me this Red lost among a small nunnery , it really is a human soul singing, dancing in a person’s soul . Like someone once said to me , life is only fleeting dance jump once , just for one person .

Suddenly , I think of a poem : . " But once they know each other meet , meet Ru seen when Andhra phase formula and the king must, free to teach life and death for Acacia " , if not those who met , if not those who fall in love , if no share of watery affectionate dedication, perhaps , now, she still curled up in a world of their own weaving text , wait a tree flowers , Shizumori fleeting years , spring blossoms ......

Text, is really a man ’s soul dancing. But, some dance complement each other , rotating in a beautiful waltz ; some steps, inconsistent , so the bumps ; some dance steps , just one person , one solo a Red , one solo period of years , the sad mottled season .

Words , a person’s soul dancing. Lotus dance , did not appreciate , lotus whispers from cloud to understand .

(USB rechargeable lights)