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Every morning from home to the office when the heart is always so kind of impulse, a nostalgia for the past and a vision of a new day , and as for downstairs to eat breakfast this morning when I found sweating profusely in the spring has been in the past , the summer Ruqierzhi .

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For nostalgia just love spring garden in spring of rich , colorful gorgeous , and go south Yanbei leisurely , ethereal and rain rhyme fresh LOH wilderness wind hit the month, let alone a Fallen flowers with the flow of poetic . These are the unique beauty of spring to the people , but also we can not perceive the pleasure in other seasons .

However, for a new day , a new season will come when the kind of excited, kind of excited, kind of mystery as much as a bride to be married , even though we have experienced in the past years such numerous reincarnation, but every time there is a new understanding of reincarnation . Because there was a philosopher once said: " ! Sun is new every day ."

Yes, spring has not faded with the feelings we went into the summer.

Into the summer, looked up to heaven , the brilliant sun that faces hidden when swimming in the clouds , look at the clouds , some like white scarf , some like white sheep , and some are the benefits of wind blowing Checheng long one, in the sun’s radiation is very nice , people have a sense of imagination , you watch the clouds below , swallows circled in green , they tweet , they seem to say: "Summer is coming ! " bow watch the green fields, will not speak of that has been dyed green trees in spring in the spring and summer becomes a dark green . Dazzling catkins , Yang cotton flying in the air posture is so with impunity , however, a warm drizzle slightest effort to let them become assertive Li Lang , but occasionally still see just breaking bud out of the catkins , Yang cotton listless flying around in the air , sweeping away its former publicity and wreak havoc .

Those flowers of the season and opened this season also open the indifferent and calm , like spring flowers , all of them rushed to the season conceited , whether flowers or flowers gesture colors are so feisty out of the limelight . Summer flowers can be no kind of arrogance and overbearing , Jingya indifferent to contain little calm.

Violet, summer should be the protagonist , her thin petals , lavender mysterious beauty shows her elegant temperament ; petite pink this season also came Chouchou lively , though brief flowering , but her umbrella like flower petals --- red, yellow, with a nostalgia for the spring and summer of anticipation, the New Year is also here ; Look rose, deserves to have flowers in the Queen ’s name, a birth in the spring the strength of the season, also came here to show off the bloom, red like fire, like snow white , floral wind filled the air, drifting in the season , forming a unique taste of this season , the faint fragrance memorable ; aroma was a great poet who gives love Dai Wangshu lilac , with simple elegance and graceful flowers bloom petite , white high Vogue Korea , like water hibiscus , red like a shy girl , that colorful and beautiful pleasant heart , it enthralled. You see a cluster of clusters roses in full bloom , but ultimately got drilled buzzing bees , butterflies , needless to say , there are flowers blooming where of course there are butterflies , the whole scene like a touch of gouache . Although there is no peach roses gorgeous , but she is tenacious , charming , is a beautiful , pure symbol of love .

Into May , the warm feelings of summer , it was said , unbearably hot in summer , sweating , what good love , or vigorous spring and autumn harvest , the weather is neither hot nor cold , how wonderful !

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Yes, throughout the year have their own characteristics , but also have their own advantages and disadvantages , the cycle of the four seasons , moving nature manifested in warm spring , hot summer , cool autumn , cold winter . Spring is the season of rising , summer is the time to start growing things , and things begin to fall harvest, winter is when things start hiding . This constitutes a law of nature all things Chunsheng , long summer , autumn, winter provisions .

We often only see one side of things , spring flashy, unbearably hot in summer , autumn vicissitudes chill , chilly winter giving a negative , feeling tired , this season is likely to face the thought of doing nothing , doing nothing, and become idle, complaining .

However , in the spring of flashy colorful world gave us a colorful , nature gave birth in this season countless lives , have a summer leafy , tree-lined ; unbearably hot in summer though , you can not have a summer growth , but where autumn fruit, autumn chill vicissitudes beauties gave us a fruitful harvest , there is no autumn fruit of labor needed supplies next year ; winter too , among the coldest of the year season, although all closed Tibet , ice and snow , which means quiet and deserted. Various biological struck in the cold will reduce the life activity when signs of deciduous plants will wither , animals hibernate. Migratory birds will fly to warmer places for the winter. If there is no winter storage how vibrant colorful spring next year too! ?

We go back and talk about the summer , yes, the summer, the weather has become more enthusiastic , people have gradually faded bloated winter , spring, free and easy , so to extremely hot when it can not be stripped off . Let this season is undoubtedly pro- Run every inch storm drain skin , feeling good this season.

Summer, we went with irritable mood torrential rainstorm , so covered with sweat and fatigue rainfall , so hot thunder wake thoughts ; moving a bamboo stool , holding一枚Pushan , brew a pot of tea in the hot in search of a cool and refreshing place , or to ditch the shore, naked, with a hot jump in the clear rivers wash away covered with dust , purify one ’s mind fog haze ! This joy is also not a good feeling in their hearts !

This is my feeling for May !


---(LED keychain light)