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Mom, let me blow a song for you - portable keychain torch

[ 5/13/2014 6:44:50 PM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     



From our children were born,

You began the arduous journey of parenting .

For children , you know obtainable from ,

Storm, with weak shoulders that you will carry the burden .

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Maternal love , in fact, no cheats ,

Always silent,

Bit by bit penetration in the trajectory of our lives,

In your children ’s safety, health , motivated

Is your greatest comfort.


Satisfactory to wear your shoes ,

Shuyi covered unspeakable .

Wearing your weave sweater,

There are also warm the cold winter in my heart .


Forget, you have to sweat in the fields .

Forget that you have in front of the stove making food feast.

Throughout the year, could barely see your sit , rest.

Hard-working, do not change your life forever the subject .


You give love so dripping stream of endless ,

Everyone knows that

Maternal unsurpassed ,

Mother of the child is always happy , sweet.


Shame song a song , forever fixed in the autumn of 1999 .

Mom, I’m not a good reward ,

You silently leave, no return date

Every time , feeling the cold walls of the old house ,

Scenes of tears , a second burst.

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Now, about your news and I can not explore .

Want your time,

I will follow the wind wavering heart ,

I want a good all voices to express heartfelt thoughts completely .


If there is an aerial ladder between heaven and earth ,

I must strive to climb ,

You go take a look .

I want to deeply embrace you

Aloud : Mom , I love you to !


If I had a Magic Pen Ma Liang ,

I will certainly draw a reunion

This Mother’s Day in the day , the

Really want , and that you really want to together !


Maybe , you never travel .

Maybe , you never leave a little .

Maybe you have turned into stars,

Continue with soulful eyes and my dependent .


Mom , as long as you are in ,

Happiness can bloom sequence ,

Saw smoke,

I can still smell the aroma of the food you make .

Near the old house ,

I can still feel that you and I are up close .


Today, I want to cut a bunch of sunshine,

Personally for you to sew a warm coat.

I would also pick several flower clouds,

Made the most beautiful carnations to you.


Mom, I will remember your words of caution ,

I hope you will not disappoint !

Today is your holiday,

Let me do a Willow willow flute ,

You blow a beautiful song, the wind sent .

(portable keychain torch)