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A hoe falling, buried in a lonely horizon-Lovely mini USB rechargeable lights

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(Lovely mini USB rechargeable lights)



Red Que some songs , thousands of miles Lakeshore , clouds blocking the way back , back, lingering memories like a curtain falling flying lonely dim. Hovering in the clouds , who cling to the place, dip the pen into a lovestruck first white ?

- Inscription

I do not know when, amidst a charming curtain is blocked by the time the curtain , ran aground in the window of the season. Into Lvfeihongshou landscape , the red scent off casts a breeze quiet sigh , to provoke me to worry like having a light .

Wandering alone on that left me countless joy lake, vaguely saw the sparkling water , reflecting the graceful posture Chuiyangliu also reflected a pair of cheerful plaintive xingmou . This lake , there was a misty rain kept empty , seasonal flowers , incense everywhere you I dyed footprint , you always have a dream I weave endless light .

People across the horizon sound vague shadow , want to ask on behalf of the remote but no proof. In that way , he is blowing Liu Jun Wang Di , Swallow proudly fly blown , I bounce lute , playing Shuangdie elegant dance ...... this way , but yes, Grottoes winds , flowers in one place , Rose Fragrance of flowers gradually released into the atmosphere in the Road westerly , and no trace .

Jun, you know? As long as I see you , this southern Sichuan Amidst each will be interpreted as an infinite my style , that every snowflake I describe the North will be a beautiful landscape. As long as I can hear you , and then I will be a hot summer day to resolve as quiet , cold winter and then I will be polished into Shuyi time.

Red Mo , together too short. Jun, I want to be with you fingers intertwined , Mu sun , and go enjoy Yangzhou twenty-four bridge Huarong Liu Yun , dressed in the moonlight along the Mekong to find cloud water lotus with dew elegant fragrance. I want to be with you side by side , to the vast desert , and go take a look at that Populus thousand years back , and that fighting the sky eagle ; together to listen to one that Camel Silk Road , and then left behind ancient Loulan wind tone.

If I can, I want to be close to you beautiful prairie , went Dongbula Bayinbuluke wave dial on the prairie , prairie dances go on pull it Hulun Buir . If you can, I would like you could take me , take a look at the poet described by Xu went to Cambridge , I want to be with you at sunset , according to the Cambridge , look gently swagger plants , listening to the faint complains Dihuai . If I can, I want to ride with you in France , and went into the romantic -Provence , quietly listening to the whispers of lavender in the purple sea .

If time can pass through , and I really want to be with you stationed Song , dressed Su Yi , waterfront building a house , fence repair chrysanthemum species . I think as long as there is a bamboo house , a low table , a Lou window , a lamp, we can put some time each combed warm poetic , the Flesh flies every day all . I do not ask that rich , not for longevity , I’m just your day with a relative , every night Qing Huan . Jun , as long as you execute my hand for my thrush , even bread and water every day , I have no regrets.

Smoke water of the road, as long as you Xiangpei , my mind would dream of escaping to beautiful clear skies . Wind and rain , as long as you were an umbrella , my mouth would hum the song drifting spring.

(Lovely mini USB rechargeable lights)

You do not know how much I yearn your arms , if we can meet, I will be with you for a long time deeply , hugging , no flowers and wine, without music and speech , as long as your heart , as long as have your breath is enough .

Because of love , I can always crazy about you . When I come to your city, I feel there ’s plants, a brick and tile , all in my eyes are all so friendly, I do not seem to be passing never just go people .

I still remember that it was a parting of the airport , when he left, we said good do not look back , but I still can not help but look back , despite the tears dim the eyes, heart with unspeakable pain, but looked at me in the direction you staring journeying figure , I feel the pain and happiness of that moment I recalled the scene in time and space forever set the grid . Now think about it , when the tears should be witness to your love for me , that little bit of tears as I have for you a watchman rainy youthful .

When I fall in love with you , every quiet lane depths of my heart are open for you to smooth , you take every Qiongyin became my beloved aftertaste. When I fall in love with you , every one of my first words are for you to fill in the quiet , my every smile you are blooming , and I have every wisp of melancholy as you string together knot. When I fall in love with you, I never forget your eyes water , never forget your eyebrows with worry .

Since parting , my heart would miss out flower flower , whenever , wherever , never dying too .

I never thought you would leave , who knows wake up , all the sunshine, moonlight , wind and rain in a yellow Pan story , turned into a situation where the fireworks old things . Looking at a rose garden to stray , and then hold a pen , ink drop but eventually becoming songjang ; longer poems, open mouths, but language is not a sentence . The only thing I can do , just eclipsed the day, Cheng pulls past left behind alone in looking for some of the video track . Jun, without you, what else can I make an appointment the next flowering ?

After meeting you , I have always believed that this earth has a lifetime of love, even when we have frost white hair , do not you love me like a stray scattered into the mud . Countless times , I dreamed Mu lingering misty rain, stepping quartzite , Goddess smile a step toward you . Countless times , I dreamed I remembered your name all the way , whether it is on the hill a way , one way or the water , I firmly trek in the direction of you .


(Lovely mini USB rechargeable lights)

When young , I see Daiyuzanghua just read their statement , understand its meaning . Now, when I face the front of the lonely world of a land falling , truly understand the inner monologue Daiyuzanghua time , to really comprehend falling back in the sad and lonely .

Knowing the night , railing thin Candle heart of the site , there is always sadness in entanglement. Today, in love with love songs injury , not entirely because it feels nice , more because of the melody and lyrics of the song just lay together on the screen of my mind and mood .

Happiness go away, this time to go through years of broken shadow , I really do not know whether it can be done and the line , and the song and a smile .

I no longer think about the wind sleeves will not have subtle fragrance floating , I just want to , in the future be able to abandon the heart of the original landscape , the clear water and leaves the shore , facing the beautiful sunset falling clouds of the cool of the white moon , can equanimity , not dyed blue.

Bliss dreams regret , regret and roll affectionate , even from no to your audio, even if a blank paper falling in aphasia ghost town , even lonely figure never stood silent poignant landscape, I still want to read the rest of his life will be folded into Tang Song Wan Yun , holding the bulk of the memories, the dream turned into ink Dan Yisuoyanyu tenderness , so this miss , never die.

Yesterday, you are my happiness dependent on the shores of the willow , today , under the blue sky Dai , a hoe falling , buried in a lonely horizon .