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US Scholars - USB car charger

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(USB car charger)



I know, I was in a dream

In April, the shuttle dream woods

Mother’s care sway into a rainbow

Ash home flowers yo, spread to the south

That sweet fragrance, and turned it into colorful dream

Intoxicated with the dream of people from north to south ,

My acacia flowers bloom dream

+ + +

I know, I was in a dream

In the dream, mountain flowers will be encouraged to occupy my mind

Just moved to a few Oriole

South between tranquil floral sing

Loess slope treble , Stubbs the wanderer heartstrings

That sweet fragrance, from early morning to evening

Concentrated wine brewing homesickness

I dream of acacia flowers swaying

+ + + +(USB car charger)

I know, I was in a dream

In the dream I picked up a bunch of white acacia flowers

Refreshing fragrance will wrap my heart

If mother love stroking ,

Pick a right into the mouth

Childhood loudly , I once again chew

The dreams of a long chew

That sweet fragrance , is already planted mother read to

I dream of acacia flowers agitation

+ + + +(USB car charger)

I know, I was in a dream

In the dream I was a light bee

Cellular flying from his father in

SJ hillsides in the sweet life between mining Jie

I do not know Nazhen confuse wind blew me south

Some years I have forgotten fragrant mountain Huaihua

The other end of the phone , the mother said, " over the hill Huaihua open "

I know, I do a dream

I dream of acacia flowers take me back home !