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[ 5/20/2014 4:33:12 PM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     

(mini flashlight)




Weekend night, the breeze yo , whispering branches, is one endless story , romantic , and falling silent , Yela quiet beauty , each section has a legendary time , every inch of the thoughts will be remembered. Vatican to make the night sky , the moon , is a powerhouse in May , Ripples space, all in the past, everything is still in silent away , do not want to miss anything , do not want to perceive anything , just static such a charming quiet flowing night .

Can not tell what time of the night began like this , in such a habit of quietly walked between the lines , but also used in those days , and a touch of text stay forever . Among distant , shallow lines from, mottled among the dim quiet rhyme or familiar or unfamiliar courses, forgot some of the time, some people have forgotten , but it has not been forgotten in the hearts of those flowing text , there are those people until warm . Poignant the past, always casual moment , the door to break the memory rushes off, all the way to the ruins, one of the weeds from birth , the moment has been amplified to the extreme ; cruel being , can not hear the voices of flowers , touch years less than the true , everything seems so desolate old fingertips , devastated , and still or tears initial temperature.

Everything in the past, will be faithful record time , reincarnation, has been walking , has been looking for , do not want to go back to looking at what is not accustomed to , but unfortunately deep in the night , always full of too much temptation memories ; night also remember that the best camouflage it. Radio is a player who has long been an old melody , telling stories about the old days for some TV drama , the solitary independent film , has been echoed is that one day called legends . Remembering a time, in such a heavy night, unable to breathe, past and future , already blurred, everything familiar , unfamiliar deep throughout the night . Nostalgia is always a can not be relieved of feelings, always in yellow fragment, to find one ’s own original TV drama . In fact, not those who can not be relieved old past, but that one had its own desperate ; that of a young , always in the depths of the years , carved with the most I can not , can not be forgotten. Experienced, in fact, they would understand those faint, innocent gratitude is so precious. Go back in time , lost too long, too far to walk the line , it seems that those who forget the reason for the beginning of the concept of walking through the antecedents of a hurry , a hundred thousand turn back in , fearless , dry eyes outflow tears old, dry those sad memories, all the hurt and pain poke , polish up all those start time begins .


(mini flashlight)

Too often, it is the envy of the wind of freedom and ease, unrelated memories, dreams does not matter , in every minute , are in their favorite rhythm , unbridled walk the line ; sometimes elegant, sometimes crazy, independent of time , independent of time and space, independent of all , has always been concerned that the most authentic self . Happy, you can hand holding white clouds , light flying over the vast blue ; sad , they can invite mine about electricity , desperate crying , tears wet the whole time and space . Simple and direct style is so true to me, never needed so-called mask , and without any disguise , do not carry a heavy sadness , all can be carefree light every now and then .

Night has been deep , lean on a railing and look out the window , gently swinging branches also quiet, lazy sleep in the night gently into the sky , the stars in the eyes blinked a few times , but also full of deep sleep, night lights are lit across from disappearing in the night ’s silence. Wind stopped, the lights went out, the entire city , like the sleeping child, serene and lovely , original undisturbed quiet is so beautiful, when everything is back to the original look when one could be so amplitude inaction elegant picture. Among eyes , pouring so beautiful , really can not bear to look away , really miss the time stuck in the moment, good faint appreciate this beautiful picture . Seems to have confused thoughts initially looking to the quiet , shallow and a touch of the night ’s stay in the middle , pour leave this city, neon lights , gorgeous poetic , watery youth , Enron static flow , sky blue ink , bringing the heart , undirected and with , on top of the moon , distant beautiful of . Antecedents facing the wind , the wind has been pondering the taste , into the heart of those who listen to the melody , spread his hands , aware that this is a thin cold night , bearing in mind all the warmth of this space , all future nightmares are willing tonight there is the taste .

The records of the text, as for myself, is the best miss and remember that time in a hurry , the annihilation bit too much and fragments , torrents , under erosion, those destined to survive are those that can snuggle life stick and stubborn . Every night is a legendary time on the night , perhaps there are too many stories need to taste , there are too many young and need to express , but no matter what we give up tomorrow morning sun , still will stab the night wore deep . Remember that at the moment the best look, there are now among the most beautiful picture of eyes to the initial posture to meet the next round of the sun.

Perhaps tomorrow, we turn this world to be a mask , said that did not mean, listening to the chatter of those so-called advice , go on the road those ambiguous ; pretend happy with, intentional smiling , deeply buried those original color ; such a way , no matter how long and no matter how far , still bound to be strange , cold still ; covered with thick darkness today to write these words , just wanted to remind myself , nor can never forget those late night among warm and true to yourself . In this habit and separated himself and his era , yet so far away , sometimes very far, far away to smell , look different , sometimes very close , almost to a stand still turn you will see that yourself .


(mini flashlight)

Cold for too long , you always need some warmth to drive away this earthly cold, lonely soul who always used to look forward to really warm in the deep of the night . In a story on its own , there is always too much about the outcome , there are too many cruel and helpless, the node should not only freeze time , but also there should be a shock to their leaves enough warmth Enron . Arrival tomorrow is still unstoppable in the future , in the future , no matter how faltering , and regardless of how thorny the road , will go on, no matter how grave alone , that one can not be moved from the middle of the night persistent among ; night because of that one among the beautiful and the true myself, so fearless of the time, but also a fearless pursuit ; night , always silent , and the heart , naturally, without boundaries, flows into the buried good vintage forget the past, packed up all sorts today , take the first real , courageous road, and loudly tell the world how you Red rolling , since I proud Love.