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(Battery power mini fan)


He wishes to meet, just an inadvertent rub shoulders, I will turn a blind eye smells , all the way to come find you , see you in the wind scattered laughter sweet language , let me nostalgic daydream . That time, I always wanted a love affair has nothing to do , just to understand the emotions. Past devout metion , once you finally meet in exchange , see you shake a pool of lotus mind , mostly wanted that moment solidified into eternity , I heard you cry brother’s call, let me indulge since this morning . I only hope , if not from the abandoned , not abandon nor leave .

Harps and Naruto day , I miss the pen , with tenderness for the memo , wrote the poem song after another falling storm , accompany you to indulge in the world of pyrotechnics . Friends always say : What kind of Allure woman ? Let your words stick a graceful Acacia. Yes ah ! Because of a heart have to understand, I would rather you go for Allure . Even if you are just a passer , you are still the warmest of my life waiting ; Even covered with memories of pain , I think desperate .

The passage of time , people have changed . Allure of an encounter , and finally slowly fade with time , you go too fast , or I catch up. Is Mingxin in the past, could not retain the pace in a hurry ? Once, I am your moon and stars myth ; now , but you occasionally think of care. When love gradually go away , no matter how humble , can not continue to write love when Rouqingsishui ; When feelings slowly drain anyway grip , can not meet their confidence when hanging . Not understand each other, cherish , nor is Boqingguayi each other. Time is a thief , stole the fate of the encounter, only shown signs of memories.

There are always met, due to lack of retention , and slide the fingers . There are always emotional , due to lack of treasure , but unfortunately life. World best love is to know each other. If you do not understand each other, to love and be loved is hurt . Dull day to each other , let each other know how to lose . Do not understand each other , love deeper, deeper wounds .


(Battery power mini fan)

Lonely lonely time, have complained , why ? I am most beautiful years , she did not encounter the most beautiful . Is gloomy self , why ? Have not had a stunning romantic . Then, slowly understand that some fate , destined to be met in order to separate it . Youth, just a never ending encounter, accompany you come to the end , only yourself. Learn to love yourself , will encounter a perfect her.

A person, a city, listening to the song cycle " a dedication read ," This song , heart ache slightly up . I love you like a song sung by : . " Is the fault of the time , we can only miss , how I miss you knew how far the outcome is not wrong to resist , stay in this moment , had , Wife edge shallow . " Yes, ah, if I met you in the most beautiful years , nice ah ! Without this shore side insurmountable distance , there is no earthly shackles of mind given the torrent . You’re the happy, smiling woman, or that I have worldly young, a look back rub shoulders , they handle the marshes .


(Battery power mini fan)

If I had not met you , I do not like water so graceful poetic , would not be so sentimental . Sometimes young people are not growing , nor is rubbed secular young and frivolous , but love. Love makes us grow up , let us experience the vicissitudes of life and everything clutch and personnel . Once loved , do not regret it , do not hurt each other , in the passing years , there is an inscription heart of the past, not also a blessing.

Sometimes the final bloom , the flowers are silent . This is a graceful woman , such as lotus , doomed to be engraved in memory . Who have had enough margin to make up , why persistent forever. Some regret in life is destined to stay in the heart, some stories never end, as long as I remember once passing a tree flowers , warm over the trauma is the most beautiful on earth linger . Oh , the other side of you , smile bloom, unharmed.

Leaning against the doorway of memories , the passing years is still Allure gentle, while colorful past years, but can not write the perfect ending. Always thought that once met never meet total wins , even if the time to change the original appearance , that of a peach water agreement, to pay for all my life . Often can not help but ask myself, if you never met, is how my story will end , there is no one like you , so I love to run to all the tenderness , will indulge in the heart of a blooming . Jinxi one another, you have your dedication, I have my home , Jinxi one another, each security horizon , mutual blessing. Loved, is happiness.