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Walking in the mortal world where everyone will meet the storm and poetic. When the curtain slowly opened the years, everyone in the secular world has become a performer on the stage of life. If we can do the kind of three repair, then, no doubt, we will be very out of color scenes.

- Inscription


Say that life is a journey, along the way, we hear the voices of flowers, you will see the face of the flower blossoms will bloom flowers fade so badly to see if we could always have a warm happy mood, with calm and quiet state of mind , all the way to experiencing and feeling, know the Thanksgiving with, so that our lives may prescribe beautiful flowers, blossoms forever undefeated.

Whether in the landscape, or in the vast wilderness, we all need to make our hearts like mountain streams, clear and transparent. Room are all much ado about all the trouble mostly, if we can profit a fraternity and open-minded in the depths of the soul, not ambitious, do not belittle the clouds in the sky Happy wandering, comfort comfortable on the water in the lakes, the wind went Benny hundred pro-blowing, rain go quietly softly, so, I believe that our lives could Delicate Day Long, four picturesque, beautiful.

Since ancient times, many celebrities letters Hermitage Forest, field house arrest, they are by no means the stoop, or the negative decadent, that is their Shee after an awareness, but also on the kind of things fame relieved. When we come to comprehend the true meaning of life, to understand the meaning of life, and know the meaning of life, with a detached state of mind, not for the fame and tiring, but not for the success of sorrows and joys, With a leisurely heart, In the spring planting, summer work, harvested in the fall, winter joy, a copy of elegance, a full line of poetry written into life, so that our lives how chic and comfortable.

Who says the authorities will be lost? As long as we burn a lamp will not lose heart, as long as we do not pleased, not to have compassion, do not dwell on the past, not tied to reality, not entangled in gains and losses, in the din able to find a quiet , in the rain can find a calm, quiet in the Plaza can find a secluded, mountain heavy water complex matter, whether vista, we can joke about the situation, sitting watching clouds, this is it not a wonderful life?

Red long, let us plot drip Cheng Chuan, a short step caused thousands of miles, turn over the old one, in the noisy distractions of this world, everyone is drunk to keep a clear mind in the realm of the extraordinary, out of the puzzle of life, not crowd, is not swayed by rumors, a steady precipitation in the heart, in the monotonous in creating a gorgeous, awe-inspiring strength of character, indifferent available to casual heart to take Ju Dong, poetry breeze, giving life to win more sunny and bright.

Storms of life, a mixed blessing, laughing tears intertwined, there is calm, life is not lonely; has contented life is not blank. There detached, more abundant life; have to pay even more wonderful life. If we have the highest level aloof, even downtown are shed, even though everything into a cloud, our hearts are still some voices of flowers and beautiful original landscape.


Remember, it was said:. "True peace is not to avoid the madding crowd, but in the hearts of fence repair daisy species, such as flow despite the past, every day remains the same, as long as we eliminate obsession, you can silence Enron" Yes, if we are calm, and it do not really far away from the hustle and bustle, do not really far away from the troubles, no matter where you are, can find a Taoyuan entrance, head breeze, enjoy the beautiful scenery of life.

Although the vicissitudes of life, replacement wind and rain, but the bloom season is more than beautiful scenery has been on the road. Missed spring flowers customs, we will usher in the summer cicadas and frogs; miss the quiet beauty of the autumn leaves, we will usher in the winter snow swaying. As long as we keep a quiet heart, we can in the Red Dust, leisurely listen mountain stream, get flowers over clothing.

Red troubles, you need to calm the mind. Calm, it should be simple to complicated after, the ups and downs of calm in the face of human well-being in the face of temptations Red, calm person is usually more than the average person can understand the sentiment, know how to choose. Life has always been difficult co-existence, there are gains, there must be a loss. Only calm, we will have a happy heart seed fields root, sprout, scent the air.

(Handheld Mini Fan

Buddha said: "Life is like a place of thorns, the heart does not move, the body does not move, do not move will not hurt; such as the heart, the people frivolous, moving his bones hurt their body pain." When we are calm, we will will find that we can always sentiment "Yihe row skies cloud, they lead to the Bi Xiao poetry" natural conception, we can always have a "line to the water to the poor, sitting watching clouds from time" elegant leisure interest, we you can always reach the "back has always been bleak place, go back, no rain and no sunshine" transcendent state of mind; When we calm, we will find, that we could face in the rain, we can be strong in pain We can awareness in troubles; When we calm, we will find happiness is at your fingertips, happy in fact everywhere.

We do not go to admire the majesty of the mountains, not to envy the water’s soft, not to despise small dust, we have to unlock the shackles of earthly, mundane problems aside, the Red hundred thousand turn back in, the surplus a tranquil eye , Qingwo one knows, carrying a light ink poetry, into nature, breathe the way of flowers, a deep hug scenery along the way.

Life, physical possession of the more intangible lose more. Let’s do a simple and kind person, Xu Shiguang a quiet good, in non-scores, Barilla human, and hold a peaceful heart, dressed in a light pull fleeting warm colors, the wind, the rain falls in season wait for the flowers.

In the journey of life, they would not Yimapingchuan, we must meditate all the way forward, steady mind, so we can only embark on the road of regret, Poetically.

Amidst the Red, there is always a touch of a smile for us to bloom, we always have to enjoy the cool breeze, there is always a ray of sunshine to keep us warm, as long as we have a peaceful mind, equanimity, we can Tage line, always smell years Fragrance, always looking for the happy, happy direction.

[Heart] net

Things changes, you need to indifferent state of mind. Vicissitudes of life, we need to mind the net. There are a wise man said, people have angels side, there are the devil’s side, multi-widowed Huan want it, as long as your heart gets clean, the people’s desire will be reduced, the happiness index will be increased.

In fact, there is not much life in this gorgeous, some just unusual. The trajectory of life are not necessarily the way we like it, Behind the mountains there, people outside, so we have to let the heart calm, so peaceful heart, your heart pure. King by the heart, peace of mind, is the place to return.

Success or failure, turn that empty when we find Zen cloud, read too Chan Yu, realized the Zen, with a pure heart, we can hear from heaven Fine, no matter where you go, we can light frown smile, quiet and calm, beautiful bloom themselves.

"With copper as a mirror, you can dress up; take history as a mirror, one can know the rise and fall; Taking people as a mirror, you can see advantages and disadvantages" If we can eliminate envy, jealousy, hate, indifferent in my arms, then prime the heart, Jing Ran the world, then we can always enjoy on Long Delicate, Keke leisurely walk vista.

Everyone has their own trajectory, everyone has their own feelings, but in any case, we should be kind to others, treat yourself to stay in the heart of an uncontaminated grass, in the fleeting come in, old gracefully to go.

White Lamei said: "seasons flow, all the way to his or her own choice, each ferry is willing to stay yourself, cause you never owe me anything, we have no reason to complain about life, not always hard and fast, in fact, whether sad. hi, can bravely face their own scenery is beautiful. "Yes ah, in life, is the most simple white freehand, desires put pen to paper is the most wonderful, pure is the best outcome.

"Something Realms narrow mind, if not something a wide heart." We should not be willing to change their mind until beaten up, we do not wait come to know the Jedi back, turn around, we want to be like lotus "lightness finds , Qing Lian without demon ", with a grateful heart to touch the world, to embrace the world, forever love others, love yourself, the way the Red 且行且珍惜.

Everything rests heart be, if we could always "I three times daily," do not try to Ai no resentment, anger is not scared, not angry not extravagant, tranquility and pure heart, then there will be a bell Drum Lane We look forward to the spring, we will surely be hoping Huakaihuaxie quality oxygen.

"Alpine silence, naturally majestic; moon silent, naturally noble." Let us hold a long pole years, exiled to the body and mind long and arduous journey, the owner of a tempting tenderness, with a pure heart, Red scenery on the road to read, go to the flowering of his life waiting.

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