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Boundless, social Vientiane, its shape being to their hearts, everyone associated with the circle.

Earth is round, the earth rotated around the sun and its rotation, rotation brings turnover and day-night season. "Han. Ritual" Run for heaven and earth, the seasons change, there is "fine health sun and moon, and stars of the reason, yin and yang, again and again," said. The basic unit of the molecular composition of the material atoms will be round, rotating around extranuclear atom that has its active substance. Even the roots and stems of plants of the cross-section is round, the garden of melons and fruit trees is round, it is that they "know" by increasing the area, which will help absorb more sunlight and moisture, is conducive to growth. No wonder the history of Western philosophy of mathematics there is a saying, "God is in accordance with the principles of mathematics to create this world.

Since ancient times, humans will be able to use the physical properties of the circle, to understand the world, to create the world. In ancient times, our ancestors will be able to take advantage of the inertia of the circumference of the body movement of the platform in pottery making, rapid prototyping round the mud pottery. In the Dabie Mountain area, people will hand carpenter called "Doctor" because they have long known that in the case of equal perimeter, area of a circle surrounded by the largest surface area while under certain circumstances, the volume of a sphere is also made maximum. Therefore, those craftsmen who will make a round table for dinner, you can sit more and more guests, some of the loaded items like furniture made of drums, but also save wood.

Round, with its soft, symmetrical lines, become everyone’s mind the most perfect representative of things. Round, it can turn to a beautiful, and the "full" with the word, so that "circle" Beautiful flowers appear. So a successful, much of the achievements of the world cause for rejoicing, but also how many people’s emotions of pleasure. Song Huang Rui Li "Hong Son" word: "original flower length is good, people grow healthy, month-long round" is likened to a good marriage Elixir of Love. Song Li Zhiyuan : "broken mirror into a circle, divided hairpin together tin, re-invent bead embroidered household foil," is reunited and the couple separated or break a good analogy after.

Living life, in dealing with others, there are many people in the circle metaphor reflects demeanor. Such as "cylindrical side," this is a feudal society that shapes Mint coins, later evolved into the image of a way of doing things, speak and act must be smooth performance, not to offend people face to face, but the heart must have principles, can not swim, lost his bottom line. This way of doing things, and the "duplicity" meaning it should be the opposite. But no one can not avoid a liar, would lie to say perfect, what we called "justified." Love liars who eventually shooting itself in the foot. Unless this is a well-intentioned lie lie.

Social Vientiane, colorful. People often lament the "social injustice, the villain in power," which probably refers to the social life villain who "smooth" the people. In fact, we can not have a "smooth" nature of man, it is too derogatory. Sometimes, the appropriate "smooth" side offer a viable survival and way of doing things. Xu Zhen Qing Ming "cut KATSUNO smell" There is a story, called "smooth" the best comment of the term: court painter Zhou Xuan Su Ming emperor ordered, painting a wall in the palace . Zhou Xuan Su dare draw, dare not draw, he said, "Robinson never traveled Jiuzhou, not Feng Zhao Please Majesty first embryonic one scale, the minister then briefly touches." Emperor heard him say this, painting Xing suddenly come Immediately brush ink, sketches out the structure, the beginning of a trend. Zhu Yuanzhang side stepped back, self-appreciation, life cycle Xuansu side: "Big Week for I polish Xuansu answer." His Majesty rivers has been set, how can others be shaken? "A week Xuansu such an emperor dragon heart big Yue, knowing Week Xuansu Shuahua not increase crime. Xuansu week if I want to answer this, fear of life have died. Anyone who is so witty as Zhou Xuan Su, is" smooth "the The highest realm

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Around our lives, there is a mindset that if hit talk impulsive, reckless behavior of young people, they think he "corner" did not hit a round, smooth and slick if people can meet to talk, they think he is aging, and to love. Visible, people, sometimes sleek little, to get recognition from, in order to successfully accomplishing a certain thing. However, if a person does not seem too sleek lines, do not give people a sense of security and thus a lack of trust. How honest and "smooth" between, so right, in fact, 200 years ago, Ji Xiaolan drop dry years has done a very good explanation. He believes that everyone should "business acumen, CKS heart, not in cahoots and modest man." This means is that when dealing with specific things that can properly grasp the scale, depending on the situation and take a different way of doing things, but to be honest honest heart, a man to maintain integrity.

"The Analects. Advanced" and "Dang" in the "lingering too far" "Things are slowly round," said the former sentence was intended to refer to when dealing with issues to consider and a good grasp of the issues, you can thoroughly, but can not be too thorough or absolute, otherwise it will be counterproductive; emergency after the sentence was hit when he first not panic, we must consider the overall situation, to find a good starting point and then let go of facilities for, so that it can be satisfactorily resolved. These two idioms understanding to everyone has a great sense of maturity. According to their own life experiences, I summed up some grasp of the principles of this "degree": First, the degree to get along with people, that can not close, nor too far. "People would say two-thirds, then, can not throw a whole heart," This is the old saying; second is the "give" of the people, not "light" to, can not "stingy" to. Even if it is in recognition of their children, or give them the material rewards, they have so; third is to give people a degree of criticism or correction, was the object of knowledge, to master the furnace, pay attention to the effect; fourth is learning degrees, old saying: "three rows, must be my teacher." This refers to the attitude of learning, but in actual learning, neither rejected nor copy.

Whether it is a country, a community organization, or even a family, best embodies the meaning of "circle" of. The country needs stability, social and organizational needs discipline, a family needs house rules, so, in order to achieve "perfection" of life order. Mencius said: "Lou’s that son of clever public transportation, not to regulate the distance, not into the radius." This is a requirement of Mencius benevolent rulers to implement advocacy and na cry. The so-called "not to regulate the distance, not into the radius", today became the people’s lives cautionary maxim. In social practice, regulation from a "party", but in the implementation process, some way away from the flexible implementation of regulations, some of the passing moment "radius" edge "edge ball", some of the social life. " hidden rules "some reason" reasonable not lawful "consciousness, etc., are all manifestations of" smooth "side. If a country, a community organization, or a family each is a "circle." Then the "smooth" behavior which contains their consciousness, just not the "great circle" of the grid, then the "radius" of the shape, always well maintained and always.

Modern Chinese Dictionary opened, in which the "circle" to make this explanation: round, is a geometry, that is, when it’s a line around an endpoint in the plane of rotation, the other end of its trajectory is called round . Awareness and understanding of the "circle" in secret, will be your understanding of the world, to adapt to society, grow their effective help. Ancient Greek Scientists have a saying: "Give me a fulcrum and I will move the earth." Here, do not want you to know because the Earth is round, you can not go prying effortless. But you need to be able to move the world to seriously look for a platform. Some simple things, like those angular objects, you will be very easy to find a point of view, firmly Dangdang good control of it. But some complicated things you want to do it very successfully, but it is not clear mission as an edge of the circle, it does not give you any convenience, but also did not tell you that it can control methods. This round, it will slip away, you can "roll" back. So, if you do not have to they can achieve "satisfactory" and worried. Because the circle, from which perspective you are consistent, as long as you draw a circle next, as long as you right back to the starting point, after the journey, whether you are successful, leaving a strong sum; or failure , leaving a shortage shake the stigma, do not worry, with a round, there will be a success even mean you are more successful than was originally planned better.

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