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Pure heart, is an ageless song Que - USB car charger

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Thousands of cups do, smile can melt grudges, dream streamer strike speechless;

Red sigh, storm Road thousand, the song has the final person to run away.

To clear a pure heart, Susan makeup, you listen, the pure in heart came ... Fine yo

--------- Text / Seiji

May l cuckoo hoof, who after about lonely nights. Wind, gently brushed my cheek, whisk mess up my hair. Colourful black velvet sky, looking eyes but see through. Window only weak moonlight black silhouette, fuzzy and not true.

Everything is attributed to silence, died fate is a reincarnation. Quiet village, quiet night, quiet me, harmony was so beautiful, rare quiet, lonely rare. Back home, familiar and unfamiliar. The road is long, life is more than I put into a solitary wanderer. People on the road, the pace does not stop, step by step toward his vision of a blueprint plan. Passing through the bustling thousand, countless tours over the landscape. Heart, always on the road.

Memory constantly rewind three years time, rush dies. Time to cook the rain, you get wet, but it hurt me. Youth finish, no complaints from the War. But found, so try to be brave. Memories of the old pawnshop, colleagues figure, the frequency now my mind, care deeply, love flow like water.

"Chronicles of the trend, far-reaching, Qiongshan from the sea, not limit it. Annals of the direction, no kin Nothing, sharp fine A soldier can not resist it." Ambitious, self-confident, scholar emotional, pointing Jiangshan, Qiu Hui Fang exclusion. There are dreams, there are stubborn, struggling in the ideal and the reality on the edge of reality gradually to compromise, but said the Zen elegant heart remained unchanged.

With age, well versed in the ways of the world, insight into the human, increases the burden, accustomed to the silence. You say, I always have a trace of sadness that comes out of the atmosphere, the earth was beautiful, sunny smile, the heart from the aroma. I said, no matter the tragedy, people are not things too, so it can not hurt sorrow, anger and not fight. Mortal hurt me a thousand times, surviving as long as this heart, this go rather die, liberty and the pursuit of treasure have attitude of youth is the most beautiful interpretation.

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Remember to hold the Games, we are valiant and heroic, his voice; remember participating in the festival, we work hard rehearsing, brainstorming; still remember the debate competition, our friendship first, competition second; remember dumplings, face flour, stuffing material wanton; remember shooting micro-film, sentimental moments, joy mixed; still remember the song skewers jump quarters, prima donna, vibrant; still remember his white cotton shirt, I still remember her light blue dress , remember ...

Body in which the end is aware of it, until the end, only to find that we experienced so much together. Too much emotion, too much of the plot in the real understatement, however, overlapping turns in the story. Wind, please help me spread these thoughts from afar, I carry a deep and full of affection blessing.

Come to an end, sad people understand, had to do a thousand sails sigh after, where students how like. Things youth, mildly speaking so softly that prevalent. Next summer endings, banks, willows sent away from the situation. Emei light grabbing, sleeve dance years. Past and present one another, several times linger, blooming further away, but gentle time, intoxicated fleeting.

Whose gradually clear flute sounded, sigh Bliss. Whose Jin Se Sisi bounce in turmoil into a panic. Whose Hu Jia whispered blowing, filling their lives. Most things in life in all likelihood, their deep feelings, it is better to listen to this music, which focussed on the landscape.

Green for the clothes, flowers to wear. Carrying twelve friends, enjoy the quiet scene, Syria grandchildren do. Joan feast to sit open flowers, feathers feast while drunk. Two things I forgot, Heaven, seeking spiritual plain Jane. Beautiful scenery, is always in the distance. Xiao Yan said to Tibet now. Where can a pure heart, can enlightenment. I immersed in the earth for a long time, the need for oxygen, need purification.

Like the road Kawabata wrote: four o’clock in the morning and found Begonia Sleepless. If, life, more than a bit like a surprise, it will be less grief Red thin cool it.

Love and hate eternal worry, virtual and real worry for centuries. Everything is changing, my heart forever. Forget the beginning of the heart, live mind. Clear the mind of distracting thoughts, to restore the real life, the pursuit of life elegance. Happiness on the left, at your fingertips.

Der Bodhi, Qingxin clear desire, Susan Su Yan, a woman to be a lotus, like, walk the earth. You listen to the pure in heart Vatican song, is an ageless song Que ..

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