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Time to cook rain, return purification Enron - Mini LED Head light

[ 6/11/2014 3:49:27 PM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     

(Mini LED Head light)


Every family apricot season rain, the grass frog ponds everywhere. This sentimental went to the rainy season. Tick, not rash, endless. Like the melodious sounds, sometimes croon, sometimes lingering tempting; like loud siren, sometimes mildly undulating, sometimes cheerful and lively. Although I still do not know how long the rain under, but I know that the rain will stop, because the sun after the storm.

Like a rainy day, wash away the dust the world, scattered twigs Grottoes, leaving fresh and pure. Whether it is a dream of light fly free, boundless Siyu fine as melancholy air Mongolian, Han Shan turned Roughs or wind, rain fly air-launched Crossbow’s sharp, it is a mood of the season, a gesture of life. Over the next rain, the clouds cleared, more colorful flowers, grass greener, more verdant trees; rain down too, flashy away, trouble shadowless, without a trace of melancholy mood better.

Walk in the rain, there is always delighted covered brow end, there are thousands of thoughts lingering heart. Red how many storms, a few seasons back rotation. Looking back, peach opened, and thanks, Fallen flowers into the array, free and easy as mud, waiting to spend full branches in the coming year. Youth came, and went, prosperous Seoul time, time trace, lost youth, but never come back.

Wind and rain to spend the time to catch up with the end of a white horse, who would hesitate before the line, gripped the young palm sleep. Time horizon, as the years flow. Look Grass Lili, recalling past rain, pouring in between Reviewing Lili XiXi come.

Once thought, in the South pay the wrong crowd in the north, the road ahead has been unobstructed, the sun is in addition to greet me flowers, or just time to harass me involved yung torrent. Once thought that those feeling angry, passionate rhetoric, will be in the eleven Mirage Mirage honor, but unfortunately those who feel distant tomorrow but eventually go back into the past. Once thought that those invited counterparts through the rainy season, people walked for Love, finally can not help but come to an end, those who say that a good life is not separate, often inadvertently lost in the ferry for years, security horizon, Wait Kate meet again.

(Mini LED Head light)

Originally, the mountain is not the story of water, wind, cloud is not the story, I’m not your Cinderella, you are not my Shaonian Lang. How many vows break up with somebody, have nowhere to be found; much traveled together mark, has without a trace; many original puzzles for a long answer. The original: Life is not waiting for the storm in the past, but to learn to dance in the rain. Perhaps one day, when the wind blows light snow, blowing our hair white. Only to find that only the years know, there is an emotional, precipitation in the time of the storm, has been in another form, live in my heart, still beautiful, not to rise.

Powerful time is immeasurable, how much hustle and bustle, have arrived modesty can not stop time. Time is moist, how can the proper furnace black and white reversed, non-confusing uninhibited Love cooking too moist and flawless. Regardless of the storm impermanence, I still believe, horses president corner, cycads to flowering, the world still has a fairy tale. Perhaps the charm of life is that it is only once every hope still in hand, so is our lifelong pursuit of faith.

Miss some time, has nothing to do with anyone else. Meet Life is a song, is a breeze to read, is rain one, is giving us a better life, whether or forget themselves to each other lakes, should be thankful. During the rainy season of life, the reason there will be parting is to learn to accept wanes. Time will tell you what is growing; during the rainy season of life, the reason there will be ups and downs, is to learn to bite the bullet. Time will tell you what is strong.

Time to cook with the rain, in the years of the sky, choose water door, sit by the window, long-sleeved light twist, little support from the red mud stove, tepid, the past boiled rain, watering all freshmen, covering yesterday brilliant. Time for a cup of tea, bittersweet, with unhurried attitude, and your gaze, having a few. Even with the departure from the world no harm, and that the sunshine after the rain, enough to cover all of the haze. Never mind black hair turned white hair, do not ask or bell Drum, will return all the experience into a Qingning, happiness, distant.

Listening time to cook rain, silently, gently but calm, fear Ukiyo, without saying vicissitudes, any flowers bloom, full moon window. Still see the depths of time, the memories are bittersweet every drop of life’s most valuable asset. Watching this warm time, tell half the warmth, the time to boil a cup of tea has been drinking rain colorless, odorless, naturally pure, is this not enjoy your life again too! Without too many words, do not bother to wonder, just because, years of incense, life, self-purification will return safely!

(Mini LED Head light)