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So that , Alas

[ 6/17/2014 3:30:18 PM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     



Are you also looking like me

Look forward to a unique love

You can expect to grow old love

Looking very happy noisy love

You can expect a hug of love

You can look forward to a permanent collection of love

Yeah right, you must be a lot of singles bars

Because Well, everything is looking forward, not action

Instead they improve their own

Please yourself first

Then have someone else’s vision is to stay

But you have your own life time

You can not really know what they

Do you want to and, in fact, the latter is the most important

Because, there will have been changed after

While they do not, and will never be the

Its principles may be very demanding

But, I, I, principles and the bottom line is not the change

However, blue-green reminder, do not try to move it into a love

Because, moved to love, not love outset, but moved