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A person’s good old days

[ 6/17/2014 3:35:48 PM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     



I do not know since when, in turn started to like a man alone time. In fact, I have a child is a quiet girl, not like speech, probably because there is this small bones like a quiet heart.

Has been liked in the morning, because the morning is the most tender moments, like when a man in the early morning walk in the forest trail. Shades of green like a green carpet covering the entire forest between. All of a sudden, green forest trail up, green up the air, and even time also green up, everywhere is full of green flavor. Perhaps the best thing in life is to be able to see every morning nature given to us a cool morning breeze blowing through the cheek, listening to the birds laughter, stroking Yimiyangguang. At this time, I always like to croon the song, cheerful bouncing. Morning occasionally see some old people love to talk to them through a few pleasantries, talk some irrelevant topic, but at heart is joy, I remember an elderly grandfather once said to me: "a man must do meditation , just as the morning innocence. "Yes, in the silence of the quiet, like in the morning, like innocence, will be able to find their own piece of spring ......

I think a good time than a person alone in a quiet place, a pot of tea, a book that would be sufficient enough to let me have joy. This fine chemicals tea, the peace of mind on the ups and downs of the text, the text notes, such as jumping, between heaven and earth suddenly quiet, it seems that only a group of joy and a cavity gentle. When reading, the book impressed me more than just text, as well as dissemination of scholarly books, scholarly mixed with tea, always make people feel alone in the mortal world. Time is shallow, soft words, a touch of tea, no alcohol, even tea can make people easily drunk. Graceful mood, write your own text, written in a single Yilianyoumeng about yourself.

Previously, I hate the place is the kitchen, but the two-year-old this year, I fell in love with the kitchen, liked to play with dishes. A person in the vegetable market shopping, carefully selected dishes of vegetables sake of what to do, then learn to do a few side dishes. Not for taste, but I think cooking is full of tremendous fun. My friend said that a person often do so many dishes, too hypocritical point. But I do not think so. I like to cook, because I think in the kitchen busy woman will never feel lonely. No matter how the outside is an elegant woman, but if the dishes are not fried one, it is not true elegance. I think it can do in the kitchen is the most calm and quiet gentle woman, the most attractive woman. Even the kitchen is only a few meters square so big, but often can make make make their move, people feel warm food. Thus find themselves even unexpected beauty. Perhaps, this life is a bit dull, but this dull life made me feel great Qing Huan. If a person if you ask me what time is the best time, I am proud to say: "A person is the best time in the kitchen when."

A person best time is early in the morning to get up, do not want busy work, but meditation walk, and myself say: "Good morning."

A person is a good time, not a brand-mortar stores, but put themselves in an environment unrelated to the world, clear product of a cup of tea, reading favorite books.

A person is the best time for yourself to do a simple food, treat yourself busy for a day.