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Monkey embarrassment!

[ 6/20/2014 5:15:57 PM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     



Anyone concerned about the environment. One day, the monkeys to street interviews. Asked one another in small animals. Consistent with everyone’s point of view. Development is of overriding importance. However, toxic development. Does not make sense. Development is to consider the problem of future generations? The question to be considered when considering the?

No reason toxic development. Leave a sky bar! Also development. Error rule, only produce pests. Or there is a good rule not to perform. More pests. Not only environmental pollution. There polluted the soul. Pollution does have a part, is a problem caused by the rules. Lack of faith. Pollution of the mind. Spawned a desire for higher values of life. Desire, beyond the ability to withstand the forces of nature and purification. Environment can, okay?

Only white rabbit said. To control pollution. First to pollution of the mind. Only the soul beautiful. Desire lives in there. Development and natural balance. Naturally purify and baptism world. There will be no pollution. Development also normal. Also justified it!

Bear to catch his donkey, still on their way. Monkeys stopped bear. PM2.5 ask questions. Monkey asked the bear. PM2.5 is where it came from. Bear said: I live in the forest! There were no fart M2.5! Then you talk about the city PM2.5 do. Oh! In town fart M2.5. . . .

Bear thought. More monkeys in town. Monkey feces discharged more shellfish. Coupled with this years food production. Excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides. Kill monkeys digestive enzymes. Gastrointestinal function of poor monkeys and more. Monkey exhaust emissions on more Tony!

Bear said: interpretation literally it! Fart from there to the ah? Monkey bit embarrassing. Monkey think! Bear how this understanding it? The mountains of the animals. Really never seen the world. But the monkeys still want to hear the views of the bear. Bear said. Indigestion is the reason. Gastrointestinal Well, no exhaust it. Monkey asked? That 2.5 it? Bears and monkeys in the dialogue. Suddenly. Discharged a few donkey donkey dung. Oh! Bear right. I know. Bear picked up a ruler. Measured the amount of donkey dung diameter. Oh! 5.5 not donkey pollution. Appears to exclude other animal contamination. Bear think! 2.5 do. If the size of a monkey and a donkey compared. Monkeys should be excluded diameter 2.5 bar stool. Monkey plus on Earth too much. Indigestion monkeys also more Tony! Row of harmful fecal monkeys also more Tony! Monkey is very embarrassing. Monkey figure out how. How the monkey wrench hit me up. How is my monkey reasons? Monkey deep a breath. Thought! Oh! Perhaps too many monkeys. What monkeys have been. Maybe the bear said is right!