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Love the taste

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Youyanjiangcu, ups and downs, we can savor the taste of the tongue, then children can have a heart to savor the taste of life, it is the taste of love.

Whenever sane people, both men and women will experience love, love the taste will be wrapped in the heart of servant life. The ups and downs, only you know very well that outsiders can not perceive and sharing.

Since everyone born into this world from the moment of sweet sugar soft spot on, in fact, that is the most beautiful love life savor the taste, I do not know if this is the inherent nature of a person. When love is the sweetest taste of love, more Tousijinguo Sentimental feeling. Sweet and Sentimental confusion, only that when you meet difficult Bie Yinan, a day not seeing as every Sanqiu torment and expectations. Love is the source of comparative interpretation is that, first love, who love the first part of germination. Can be said that the first time tasted the "feeling" of taste, is not necessarily true love. For example, a man in love with another man, he does not love her, but his love for her is unique not easily replaced by others. Love the occurrence and the age does not matter, either juvenile or older may have love. Therefore there are a lot of people love and marriage after being impetuous life obliterated ideas, and suddenly encountered some halfway up the emotional entanglements when, in the emergent stimulate new ideas, they seem to have found a feeling of first love. French pop a love motto, "Life is the flower for which love is the honey", it seems sweet taste of love’s flagship.

Should really love the way thousands of miles, and that love is the life experience is understandable most scenic in the past. A man falling in love, the general situation will be more emotional than rational. Sensual love extreme dedication and crazy, stick to their own selfish love, stir together once someone love provocative own specificity, feeling my heart will breed pantothenic acid, usually people love the taste of this is called jealous. "Dream of Red Mansions" in "Twelve Beauties" Zhengce who the head of the Hui outside the show, lovely, adorable, sentimental Lin sister, also had a treasure sudden hairpin Daiyu half acid storm said Lin sister quite Buddhism, but she is Kanbu Po Red, fragile carrying a Cu Tanzi, jealous twist acid, funeral flowers die, it is a pity. This also confirms the fact that a woman is jealous suffer. Men jealous even more frightening, they also depression, but they are more outgoing with the outbreak, and in love will duel male opponents, such as love, hatred and violence, but also very hurt when a man jealous Daihatsu force. "Smoke eat more lung injury, vinegar eat more sad," remark solid, not fake.

Weiaichikuang people always like to pursue romance, Westerners called romantic. So love is passionate fantasy, this spirit of madness Yujie, naturally has a wine of intense excitement and coffee. Weiaichikuang people like their love has a fairy-tale innocence, one day found a lack of careful management of the real beauty of a fairy tale, as well as the consequent bubble vanished, they will reconcile the wine and coffee blending together Enjoy, this is undoubtedly one of the best love healing remedies. Teresa’s that song lyrics to "Good wine Plus Coffee" seems to be frustrated when people love the most ideal way to vent, and the voices of the most apt. Should not be a love eternal, it is naturally bitter taste. Western Han Fu resigned St. Simaxiangru were never too early when his family was poor Zhuo Wenjun second marriage, admired its beautiful talent, a "Search" touched the hearts and minds of Zhuo Wenjun, a married couple and their elopement. Zhuo Wenjun changed when the clay liquor family, career Hilltop son Sima later, the abandoned wife in Chang’an there concubinage meaning, to live up to Zhuo Wenjun fond. This in Zhuo Wenjun feel then, naturally miserable. But after all, is the knowledge of women Zhuo Wenjun, faithless husband’s grief sadness, but also how to rationally defend their love, a "Bai Touyin" every word Abas, let her husband change his mind, no interpretation of this millennium spread love story.

Women always used to use a silly question torture a man to love him, and when I fell into the river while your mother, whom you first save, this issue highlights the narrow selfish woman. Men always like women just love to own one forever, but his mind and dreaming of a dazzling world outside, it also exposed the inner man of extreme greed. Life is to create, to enjoy more lies, love, too, to make love more perfect, it is necessary to give the love felt by the mind when creating new ideas love frivolous, do not wait until leaving insipid love sad and sorrow when ambiguous. The advent of what love is? Zhi Jiaoren Shengsixiangxu. We taste the taste of love, true love lavish aesthetic, it should be accompanied by the sweet taste of life and suffering two kinds of eternity. • British writer Philip Bailey said, sweetest love, love is also the most bitter. Shakespeare also said that love is a sweet pain of true love never did run smooth road. Therefore, love should be the most persistent human life great practice.