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biue-coiiah worker and white-coiiar workers

[ 6/25/2014 3:57:33 PM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     



"biue-coiiah worker" Refers to physical-based wage earners. Such as general industrial and mining workers, agricultural workers, construction workers, dock workers, warehouse manager and so on.

White-collar refers to educational background, work without doing a lot of manual labor staff. As civil servants, clergy, doctors, lawyers.

Sometimes difficult to distinguish between blue-collar and white-collar workers, such as a large number of technical personnel, skilled workers called blue-collar, white-collar technician called. The difference in people’s minds, blue-collar and white-collar workers, one stream does not sweat the difference, the second is the difference between high and low wages, and the third is the difference between status and class.

China’s past in our society as a whole are discriminatory blue-collar workers, many politicians are forced by political needs and manual workers only had cotton in the history of China is only one of our leaders shake hands dig dung workers, The previous students have to hold to get rid of the blue-collar, white-collar workers into the ideal, because blue-collar oppression and exploitation is actually enslaved a large group, they are most tired and most bitter get is the least of their lives is entirely Jinling white-collar workers and money-making tools.

China on nowadays, reading why people read? Ask yourself, is unwilling to do blue-collar, is the pursuit of gold collar and white-collar welfare, once this convenience and benefits reduced, there have been a lot of college students can not find ’work’, more students are complaining, so it was a ’ fight father ’phenomenon ......

China since the reform and opening up, the gap between white-collar and blue-collar workers is gradually narrowing, white-collar and blue-collar workers by the opposition gradually harmony ......

Today’s blue-collar work, diligent, curious, daring to think, so there have been Ramen teacher salary 12,000 monthly salary of 8,000 bus drivers, porters monthly salary of 8000, mixed with cold dishes teacher salary 6000, familiar to everyone Yuesao and Courier salary over a million ......

Many of today’s white-collar workers in the face of these figures pale, and some white-collar workers and therefore prefer to work every day, do not idle, and some even find themselves unable to work can always tangled heart ......

So there is a new phenomenon: it was hard in the rain in the sun, it was sighing under the air conditioning in the mansion; was happy on the bike, it was crying in a BMW ......

In fact, dry white-collar jobs, opportunities, and the process of learning if given a blue-collar, blue-collar workers are not only competent, but also because they are practical and hard-working nature, would be a good dry; like grass so blue-collar, humble and tenacious, always indomitable extrusion green.

White-collar workers like lilies, like roses, like peonies, because of their own nobility, and then add the endless praise, will inevitably fragile ......

In fact, whether white-collar or blue-collar workers, are working people should be equal and friendly, no pride nor self-esteem and build a better society, to build beautiful homes.