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"Time" are going up! ! !

[ 6/25/2014 4:13:34 PM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     



"In front of the trees grow new shoots, dead trees and flowering courtyard, half survive a lot, then hid the gray-haired; memories of little feet, little meat toot mouth, and his love to him, just to I heard my parents; time not a good feeling to go where the young to the old, parenthood life, mind is full of kids crying laughing • • • • • • "?. Today again the song "Where have all the time," listening several times, could not help the tears welling in my brain are emerging upbringing my parents put up with hardships, like a slide show as a one flashed, Dad Mom although only about 50, but a few of us worry about the rest of my life sisters, are old!

Since the school year, parents can spend the day reduced a lot, I would go home every summer vacation to help my parents first place finish in the heavy work all came back to school, although I could not finish all the work, but I just tried my best to make them not so hard, Zhongxiao parents gave me the first lesson on life. After work can spend time with them and even less, only the telephone from time to time, over the phone or eternal asked exhort.

Two years did not go home, when I appeared before the Spring Festival, when my parents, I suddenly found all sorts of old parents, about 50 people have been Liangbinbanbai the moment I held back the tears in the eyes of containing, lay down their luggage on to help work in the yard, the mother was like before the pain I fear that I am tired and told me to rest, she does not know I’m just trying to avoid, evade her eyes, to escape all these years I have missed on their concerns. We always thought that if not home for the holiday, to send money back to their parents is filial piety, but we were wrong, for them, give them a few days to accompany daily life is their most anticipated thing.

Mother toothache for a long time, the ears did not used to be good, taking advantage of the opportunity to go home, I took her to a hospital for a check, before we know the end of the tooth toothache is caused by tinnitus is caused by neurasthenia, finally did not cause illness, I also put down a long-term suspension in the heart of stone. Parents lived half my life in the countryside, even the county have not been to a few times, I took her to the city to see a doctor when she was particularly nervous, but fortunately in my psychotherapy had a good many of the symptoms of motion sickness, the mother of a large the city is very strange, never seen skyscrapers, remember on the elevator and escalator pulled her tightly to me, then I was shocked, no hold back tears almost 20 years ago, I was so took her go shopping for clothes, for fear of the mother with the lost. The time go? As if a flash I went from a skinny kid who became a mother can rely on, but I think this one’s hardships parents than we all know.

"• • • • Where did the time go? Have not spent a good look at your eyes, and mundane rest of my life, gone on the rest of his face wrinkles." We have extra time to give the parents some of the accompany it, we In the rush, parents may be time to recover faster run, and nothing more than something to call you, do not let life’s waiting Zhongxiao become parents.