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I wish I was the most beautiful scenery you

[ 6/26/2014 4:59:26 PM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     




Thoughts, very weak, it is because you do not see the results of thoughts,

Perhaps, the results do not need to miss, it’s just to prove a man in my heart ever existed. When I think of you, your mind, I was like? I was not in your heart, like my memory like you clear it? Red, we pass, in the end, who is the scenery? I only know that when the distance is no longer a time distance, we will meet, forming water, ice cemented, or will turn into dust ......

Night is so lonely and distant,

Night, always surrounded by inexplicable sadness, loneliness can tear my soul. I do not like solitude, but always let loneliness accompany myself; I do not like pain, life is always so helpless and sad. I desire you can walk into my dreams every day, eager to you one day walked into my life. Because of you, I think the world of beauty and integrity. Only in thoughts when it is particularly beautiful solitude. This life, I am willing to Chilian With the millennium, carrying the Red regret, pain with breathing, kind of crazy the next life, in exchange for the afterlife with your marriage! If you have insight, I think you can see, my body every drop of blood in your Pentium Chilian for you, for your madness with ...

In this quiet night, I am a lonely stay in this lonely night, quietly waiting, quietly waiting for, what I stand by that? What are waiting for? Dedication is what? Walk alone in the lonely night, the heart gradually become very messy, this time, I sat in front of the computer, listening to sad music, immerse yourself in the sad melody. Tapping the keyboard, says their feelings, but you can not help but put in my words integrate you in my heart, you’re in my fingertips, the sun and the moon staggered Years went by. After a day when the sun’s afterglow is covered curtain of night, the dim moonlight that put me into the thoughts of the ocean.

I do not know when you have quietly into my heart and that was the attraction of text and text that is the intersection of the mind and the soul, it is emotion and emotional impact. I like your space, I appreciate your talent and heart in that section of fragrant text, heartache outpouring of sadness in the text, from those words, I read your mind, read about your sincerity and kindness, my heart also played upon the same melody, so you quietly walked into my heart. Whether you are far away in the horizon or the Cape, this life I will not forget you, because you are in my heart deep species, because my heart you know best, your love I cherish. I have countless times to visit your space, I put the feelings into words, there, there for you deeply care Fengyun heart.

I just want to tell you that you have to stay quietly in my heart, into my dreams. Little sweet, a little surprised and a bit sad, I can only put you secretly buried in my heart, do not want to you know, I have been deeply in love with you. Because, I know that we are this far away from the beauty of sadness, I only own one living in my laughter.

We will always be two parallel lines on the network, I am with you on the Internet chatting happily, without any hint of ideological ideas resist and escape. At the other end of the network, I was so not hide myself, I was so unashamed to tell my grief and confusion, I do not know if you can understand? Did you know?

I do not care about in the end is not the best person you know, I wish I was your most beautiful scenery .........