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Like old friends - sommersby

[ 6/30/2014 9:57:07 AM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     



Worlds where everyone is like a fine dust. Doing a brief wandering in the road of their own to complete the journey of life. However, the short road of life, there is always the presence or absence of met several times. Quick step further and become friends. Walking one second, missed. Those seemingly casual encounter, a turn of the smile, a warmth of greeting, a pair of warm hands, just like a friend or old, walked into the trip of your life, a perfect bonds of achievement, is no longer a life of regret.

The vast sea of any given encounter is fate answer. Sunset, is a coming of dusk. Accompanied shiny neon city, imported into the sea waves. Lanterns, bright colors, highlighting the hustle and bustle of this world. Rows of criss-crossing the intersection, one pass rush figure, or strange, or a picture of a familiar face, kept passing in front. That a picture or smile, or depressed, or youthful, or face the vicissitudes sounded, the sea of people in the crowd after another, dizzying, feeling arises spontaneously. Walking in the modern metropolis, everyone is kind of small. In every reunion and met, and are so humble. Ningmu around, flashing lights, in addition to cries of street vendors, car horns, noisy voices, in addition to these, we can encounter remain in the memory of some of what they do? Fleeting reunion, destined to concentrate the rest back, lost in the dim light. Today’s meet, the future possibility of further meet? Maybe is an unknown. At the moment, the street of shops, a melodious voice incoming ears, touched the sensitive nerve. Teresa came a gentle musical voice, "I only care about you." That sweet in with plaintive song, the singer tells Ruqirusu to the voices, talk with the monologue of the mind, to give real touch.

Enemy predicament mind listening to a monologue. "Rush of passage, I only care about you, except you I can not feel the slightest affection ......" Listening to the song, as if to emerge out of sight goes gentle, pleasant smile, people linger. Inner sigh, a generation after the song’s peerless youth, untimely death, certain death is deplorable, and now has become the enemy. Teresa eighties familiar to everyone in this sweet song queen, whose gentle sweet voice, like the sounds of nature. That Ruqirusu to singing, telling her thirst for emotions and people aftertaste. I still remember, a chance to see play out through time Jackie Chan and Teresa love song duet on the television screen, the kind of shock touched the soul, even blurred eyes. The pair of former lovers, duet across time and space, it is a repeat itself witnessed the pure emotion? It is a life embedded affection. Teresa gentle smile on the screen, as if in front, while Jackie’s voice almost choked emotional interpretation of the unforgettable period between them. Meet, friend, love, parting, two decades of dying emotions, through the distance of time and space, so that a pair of former lovers, rekindle old dreams, all people with emotion. However, I moved, the genuine emotion has a new awareness.

Life is always incomplete and perfect coexistence. Emotional earthly always incomplete, there is no perfect. It will always be a number of factors as time, space, environment, distance and change its trajectory to become the carrier of human reproduction. As this former lover, tasted the sweetness of love, became a confidant of the soul. Know each other in the depths of the soul, the emotional latitude and longitude, and miss, but still maintains fond memories of the past, why not a crippled beauty of it? Thin aftertaste, people living in the real world, there is always lamenting the fickleness of fate, also complained about feeling cold and fragile thin, creating a sentimental men of letters. In fact, during life, the emotional need for far greater than anything. Whether affection, love, friendship, everyone wants to get their own hearts loves, likes, people of all ages to enjoy. Can occupy an important position in its mind, especially important for those who desire the sincere emotion, eager to know each other’s hearts, and this quest. In the vast sea of people hoping to meet the unique human life, adding color to each other’s lives, to adjust boring life. Helped each other to create the colorful journey of life, meet people the greatest spiritual aspirations.

"The Bowl, anything sad autumn picture fan" Nalanxingde poetry, transferred for the elephants, and thousands of times in the Psalms aesthetic, to comfort the author’s emotional world. However, the crossroads of life, every time I met are not all accidental, is the fate of the most perfect arrangement. People in this earthly existence, always lamented thin cool things always lost in the whirlpool of emotions. Thus, tangled, pain, loss, longing, hoping he can pay for all emotions can get the greatest return. However, a big crowd, I met is not easy, not every time I met people who can become friends, not everyone can walk into each other’s hearts. In fact, love, love, appreciation, after all, has a distance, as people like to get along. Near, there will be friction, would care about their presence in the value of their heart; far, rusty, so that the heart produces a gap, but also from the formation of a right close horizon. So, people are in love and friendship boundaries, can grasp the proper distance, can enjoy each other, treat each other sincerely, in exchange for the sentence to understand, has already outperformed thousand words. However, the earthly vicissitudes, living is not easy, has shown signs of better, parting injury, would love War is not derived from the depth of fate, but from the hearts true intersection.

A shadow will eventually become the enemy. Always believed that the edge is the day set, copies are artificial. Those life passing, experienced Chuxian Shi beautiful, accompany us through every morning sunrise, sunset at dusk, to each moment of our life brings many moving beyond words. The desire for the truth of us still want it? Met, please cherish fate is really hard to come by; got it, please firmly clenched, who can guarantee that the next person would be willing to meet you pay? Harvest, take it seriously, always thankful to understand life can meet your soulmate; lose, please rest assured, quietly turned the moment, please leave once beautiful. In fact, the value and emotional significance of life, is not that how many friends around you surrounded, nor whether how much wealth, vanity and vanity is always emotional killer. In fact, the real emotion, not asking for anything, just to meet the moment of surprise, and never betray the true companionship, regrets to pay in order to verify its true meaning.

"Cherish the present one, Mo negative good time." People love and be loved, always tangle between reality and virtual with. Tangled, hovering, indulge in emotional true and false in this quest, and caught them, unable to extricate themselves. In fact, the true meaning of love, not an unlimited amount of request, but not without blindly pay scales, but the intersection of two souls. True love is a pure emotion, should not be allowed blasphemy. Often heard people say, "there is a choice of love, affection measured," It was love in the wake Language extricate people. Let them know love, there should be angular, there is a degree of scale, beyond any moral emotion of love, is a soul dirt. Mouthful talk about romantic love, not romantic, not eachother, not money and fame accessories, but not the feelings of those who play the game of life.

Between love and hate an idea, turned and there will be some distance from the heart. Those who sigh and met by fate, became passing, and will have no period. Disappeared in the eyes of not only the back, more like a meteor in life, fleeting, gone across the Sky, in the vast firmament rising in the invisible. Maguire vast, desolate by a dream, those who had cherished friends, stop in whitening your memory, how? May he, he, if met again at a certain intersection, if they would remember it real interlaced with each other? That a friendly look, a smile full of warmth. A pair of warm strong hands, a sincere greeting, such as vintage wines, just spring breeze was blowing, then this encounter will , Like old friends ......