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I wait for you on the way back

[ 6/30/2014 10:06:27 AM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     



Cher returned from Shenzhen are more than two months, I have not had time to see her, but he kept apologizing to her on the phone: "When Sister busy over this for a while, be sure to see you." But when will busy head? More than six months ago I heard that Cher suffering from breast cancer, her condition has fallen in my heart a knot. I have seen people could go back in time through the fantasy novel, if you can, indeed hope time can be as Cher just stuck in her happy childhood years.

Cher know, just because she is a distant cousin of the old Kang.

The first followed the old Kang back to his hometown, a small village yard. Yard, sixteen-year-old Cher after rain Tingtingyuli Hsinchu, eyes clear and clean, and she was in high school, learning is not good.

Goodbye Michelle, just over half a year, is already on the county hospital corridor, her unexpected event occurred at home: father died because of food poisoning away, and the mother is in the hospital because of food poisoning rescue.

Six months ago, the family no matter how persuaded Cher continue reading, she is not, she said she was not interested in learning. Sixteen-year-old Cher followed a group home south of the sisters went to Shenzhen to go to work. Looks sweet, hard working hands and feet in the factory girls quickly found a job. How to say can be considered childish, Cher on the factory assembly line tired off a layer of skin can only solve food and clothing. She knew the factory assembly line job is not her final choice. She resigned the status quo, naturally cheerful and optimistic girl soon learned fluent Cantonese, but also know a lot of friends.

Cher has not been a firm foothold parents heard the news the night back home. Once warm family of four is not complex as ever. One brother are high, facing misfortune at home, bewildered. Shashi, under 18 years old Cher’d become the backbone of the home. People need to take care of his father’s funeral, yet out of danger mothers need care, because the police suspected poisoning mother to his father, began an investigation. On a crowded hospital corridor, I saw Cher’s tired, but did not see her tears.

How young at heart can bear the weight of such a life? Cher step by step carry over, she let my brother go back to school to study, she and the family elders to settle his father’s funeral, she got around to take care of their loved ones still in the hospital’s mother, and more importantly, she cooperate with the police investigation of the mother.

Mother was eventually taken away, sentenced to ten years. Watching the police took his mother to leave that moment, Cher, could not drop a tear.

Without a decent home, start a new round of wandering a foreign land, Cher and more cherish my friends, perhaps only those friends can bring her brief happiness. She desperately to make money, yet to be dependent adult brother, to come back regularly to visit his mother is still serving a sentence.

I do not know how Cher over the years, but sporadic heard her life was miserable. In Shenzhen, she sold insurance sales over wine, did Taobao, also engaged in the real estate agent. Her keen to seize every opportunity to make money off the foot finally in Shenzhen, bought a two-bedroom can be considered to have shelter hut. Occasionally return home to see Cher, I told her: "Do not be too hard," she always smiled without a word, the vicissitudes of life in this beautiful girl can not see his face at all.

In support of his brother’s high school graduation Cher went with Shenzhen, where became the home. Less than half of mothers in prison the rest. Cher boy with a good hairdresser on, and have their own home. During the reception, Cher always smiling, nestled in the side of the boy she thought life from out in front of her flower happy flower.

Happiness is only halfway bloom.

Cher married soon have a baby, not yet born, but suffering from a brain tumor lover suddenly collapsed. Father go when Cher did not cry, the mother has no return date crescent nor crying, under the blue sky hurry Shenzhen, dripping sweat, Cher also did not cry, however, fell in love the moment, but she cried. She does not know what fate still tease her when family can not, but not without love.

You can rely on the love that was originally from terminal one, into a vegetative state. Cher comes the moment to sell the house, give him medical treatment, his daughter was seriously ill when he was born, but he could no longer see the beautiful face of his wife and children, his wife and children can not see the warm smile. Some people say: a woman’s life tempered strong because once petite girl picking up a little bit so the weight of all life.

If one is born daughter began sunrise, one is loved as the evening ended at the end, at both ends of life, Cher put all the work, careful to take care of the two people she loves, but she is a little exhausted their force. Until one day, she also fell in the hospital, the diagnosis came out, she calmly asked the doctor what she had the disease, she said that in addition to her own and no one can take care of her, the doctor said she had breast cancer .

Nothing further blow to Cher. Her life is so fragile. Her lover back to his home, let him take care of his family, going to school with her daughter back to their home. She waited able to help me take care of her mother, she calmly and quietly waited one day to say goodbye to his daughter.

Is in the midst bloom.

When I saw Cher again when the same daughter doll tightly nestled in behind her, sheepishly told me: "aunt, I really like you." Sentence like, made me cry more than.

There really life after death? Cher, my sister is willing to do a flying bird know, a silent moment open snow melt, or even, in front of the blue corner, fall into the palm of your hand ....... drop of rain, my way waiting for you to come back.

Postscript: As I write these words, when this young, beautiful, tough, optimistic girl has never left us. Once afraid to face the "death" and even afraid to see, hear this word. Once thought that life is very strong, so we will wantonly squandered. However, in the face of withering flower of life, we will still powerless, perhaps this is the life of many surprises and unexpected it. If life can be divided into two, so please give her a happy, let her not leave!...