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Books and Reading

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I do not know from the geometric effect, I do not know why, and gradually develop a habit, every once in a while, have to buy some books. Sometimes sixty-seven, sometimes even just one. If for some reason a certain period did not materialize, and my heart will never forget, worried about endless.

To be honest, like the books, but does not like to read.

I remember Mr. Zhu Ziqing in the "books" Prose said: "books is my hobby, and smoking the same."

Of course, I buy books, and certainly did not compare to the book, Mr. fond of, to the point of addiction. But not as the President said that in prose, will buy tirelessly to read, they will devote themselves to study for my culture it contains received use.

Bought the book, mostly shelved. Sometimes they are interested to see the book, on the bed, even before going to bed every hand turn or two, so a book in bed quietly accompany me for a year, but also very new, but have become more time dust .

And sometimes, gradually put this book forgotten, such as want, when they re going to find on the bookcase. Looking for a long time, and finally turned away from me right close in place, quietly watching me. But he was looking at me, close to me, and I see him, but he was very far away.

But all this does not prevent me to continue to buy the book.

This does not, these days, filled with books and hearts desire.

Junior ago, caused due to various reasons, do not have any books at home, what extracurricular memories which have not bought the book, junior heart of the book before the freeze on a form, that is, textbooks, from the initial language, mathematics , later increased political history, geography, physics and chemistry England. Do not know where to sell books, but do not know the bookstore.

High school, went to the county, most of the book is to learn to buy reference books. While buying a lot, but now think of it, is somewhat ashamed, and finally to graduation, are sold as waste paper. At that time, nothing bookseller nostalgia, feeling all the learning of all the books sold on its own is a relief, a means to release repressed feelings. Finally, the book did not, the money did not, there has been "several sacks of books with a sack of money, and finally sold the book can not afford to buy a bag," the true portrayal.

Truly be called books, is the university in the future. But basically buying pirated books on the bookstall and old bookstores for used books.

At the time, we stay and teaching are two campuses, the interval of the two campuses there is a road, not far away, which is three to five meters. But at the time when I was in college, but do not look down on this thirty-five hundred meters of the road, that’s our school landscape.

During the day, most of the time is to sell snacks, with a variety of snacks, leeks boxes, various flavors of noodle, fried rice, steamed dumplings, Shanghai wonton, etc., the price is very cheap, but also full of flavor and delicious.

Every night, many gathered to do business on both sides of the road, there are three fifty-foot home, albeit not crowded, but it is coming and going, steady stream.

Last year, back to school, this road has been closed, and has no time bustling with excitement.

At the time, set up a stall selling books on this road seems to be two people, a middle-aged man, an elderly, old books sell very simple, basically some letterhead and some old magazines. However, the old man liked to play chess, chess every night there are a lot of fans here learn from each other skills. I was on the chess are not interested, that is, when he pulled open book just to see a prosperous lively. Middle-aged man selling book style more, there are 46 English words, Oxford English Dictionary, as well as a wide range of current popular fiction, essays, Carnegie success and so on.

Night across the street, back to the dorm, when a large number of time to be read on the bookstall for a while, turning instead to buy most of the time, but sometimes, in essence, I’m sorry, will buy two. However, when buying these books, along with the later quarters moving, graduation and other things, all is lost, and now one can hardly find it.

When the University of books, one is the hardest to forget our brothers and shift several quarters selling books, still fresh, probably was the hands-on, personal examination. Now is the moment to think of it, still fresh, the whole scene was surfaced in my mind. Unfortunately, I can not paint, and if so, I will now put this memory hands painted on paper.

Several quarters brothers shift bookseller, think it is also quite interesting. At that time, the school seems to be evaluated, or what activities can not remember the specific reasons. Library collection is not enough, you need to all students each donated about 10 books. After I heard the news, on and several other brothers discuss our hostel. We buy and sell used books selling point of it.

In this way, a number of books on the market and shift the result of selling pretty good. Is also one of the two or three hundred dollars earned. Finally, also left the hands of some of their favorite books. Unfortunately, that was later lost.

But this selling books, to have a dorm brother has persevered, and we have to stick to college.

After graduating from college, also continued to buy some books, but it is basically a period of postgraduate and professional about now basically intact, are quietly on display in bookcase.

After go to work, just constantly online to buy some of their favorite books, nor the type of complex, essays, history class majority. I always prefer to read prose, essays and generally do not have any utilitarian purpose, is a true representation of the inner soul, not artificial, not flashy, not wishy-washy, most of the time to understand the environment and inner thoughts, most can peep out of agglutination in the works personality.

In these works, brought me the most profound feelings sheng is known as the era of "Paul" in. Junior high school, he had learned to write, "I and the altar," a text, then the teacher can not remember now is how to introduce the waist down sheng author and writing articles about the background of it.

Until after the death of the great author, I understand the author’s extraordinary deeds, with admiration for his spirit to survive, bought his book "sick gap broken pen", although only one reading small part of the contents of the book but let me once again feel the kind of indomitable spirit of life.

It described the writer Zhou Guoping, "he dialysis every three days back. Dialysis that day, in addition to the time spent in the hospital, but sitting in his wheelchair from the hospital even withstand ordinary people can not imagine tossing the next day is the best physical and mental condition (can be good to go ah!) when that day he can move only a short pen. third day, the blood of toxins increasingly heavy saturation, body condition worsening, writing and into wishful thinking. most time Shoubing torture and fight with the disease, the letter is a disease gap broken pen, but pitifully small gap "!

However, reading this book, I did not find a trace of the disease and sorrow and shadows, is still seen bathed in a brilliant thought of cheerful sheng. His heart and soul is free to roam the world and the boundless fields of life, thinking about the major issues of life and death, suffering and faith, incomplete and love, life and the law of God, writing and other art, his thinking both persistent and open, both deep and approachable.

In fact, sheng who has formed a strong stuff, enough to make him the spirit of creative suffering while still healthy, and not hit by the collapse. What is this? This is a belief, a belief in a great and healthy personality

Finally, someone else’s poem, on behalf of my heart for the great admiration of the author:

Crown of the deceased - To sheng

When you come from another channel white door

You will die

You will empty your organs donated

Just to leave the world’s most relaxed face

You’re dead

I saw a golden "crown"

It is a symbol of your "soul" of the king’s crown

Cover your head became immortal glory

In your immortal glory years

I read your mind

Listen to your sigh

Admire your spirit and integrity

Vicissitudes wait much more than four hundred years

When you represent "sheng" dead time

As you predicted, "death is a festival is bound to come."

In your holiday you hear the horn sounded funeral

You say in front of your loved ones:

"I do not want to leave you a moment of time, after all, can not be late."

Thus, the fate of your dreams in the ancient park

The new round of road resurfacing

In the quiet garden filled with light in

I saw your crown

You wear your crown as handsome SENS

Get reception in the halls of the gods

One day,

In one place in the valley,

Ran up a happy child jumping

That may not be your

But that is not you?