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Couples Dialogue

[ 7/2/2014 4:59:45 PM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     



There are a couple to menopause. Due to physiological causes occasional quarrel. Are trivial matters. One day. The couple quarreled.

This time a big noisy. Said. Otherwise together before. Age also in how big. Noisy tired. Break back child. Both sides to calm down. The man said to the woman: Actually, I do not want to quarrel with you. However, a person you do not quarrel up ah! I am with you noisy! You can thank me fishes ah! Without me, you can quarrel up? You do not gas me. You are trying me mad. Are you looking for a small. How you say ah. You’re not stock. I see the opportunity to put you throw up.

Your age, I was in your body hang million, certainly someone. Want is money. How about you,,,. Because you do not upset it noisy. You say: I do not fit you, you’re arguing is not up. Well, it is noisy.

Noisy for a while, then stopped. The man said: If you do, I will become invisible. QQ can stealth. I also stealth. Call you can not find. When you are happy, call me. I came out. Unhappy stealth.

That is good. The two sides have agreed. I really do not quarrel. In this way, a few years later. Man living in stealth. Accompanied the woman,,,.

Then, after a few years. Or this life. One day. Man in stealth forever gone. Woman called a man. How can you not speak ah? Women think men sleep. Would not bother. In a flash a few days later,,,. Then a blink of an eye over several days. Always the case.

A woman anxious, do not you stealth. I want to quarrel with you. I want to hear you talk. How can the woman said. The answer is always no sound. Women understand. Very sad to say: Oh! I quarrel with someone and is happy ah!