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Dog’s tail grass

[ 7/2/2014 5:14:27 PM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     



Early morning campus, everywhere bathed in sunshine. Pace back and forth, indicating already busy day, the sun shining, making everything very bright.

Chenming broadcast, old-fashioned school song, I did not feel boring, actually full of infinite inspiration and fresh. Adults and children with people’s voice almost campus road, stone, grass, trees have woke up in the morning along with the rhythm of the swallows still in the sky hovering at ease. Listen carefully, as one morning, genre long triumphantly, vague, Wan Wan around.

Hazy sleepy waking, did not affect the clarity of looking at things. Walking in the garden side, the cement edge, see the similarities and differences in a clover grass, carrying the sun softly softly stand, and gently swaying posture, if just a Chi Qingshui, and the grass in the sun, on the as with wave undulating shadow, when hidden.

The main stem of grass knot furry ears, yes, it is a small dog’s tail grass. Dog’s tail grass swaying his head continues, it seems waved to the sun, heart, and all memory on the grass will activate.

Childhood ridge side ravine, ridge, a small road in the field, and the door of a small mound, large trees, weeds, dog’s tail grass has disappeared. Go, these grasses are not unfamiliar. Because common, it is easy to be overlooked, the ranks of exotic plants, although without her. It also does not order such an ordinary grass, to glorify, big sigh sorrows and joys of love.

However, in my opinion, where the dog’s tail grass could be seen, tenacious enough to explain its vitality.

Childhood, I was in between playing field, likes to hand pick a strain dog’s tail grass, clutching grass tail, cocking his hand to let the grass swaying. Sometimes partners more, everyone will hold hands a lot. Stay somewhere with a dog’s tail grass do all sorts of fun things, there are woven into a kitten, bunny, or made into human form. We have to finish rivalries, pointing do not like, then give the dog’s tail grass is always fresh vitality.

In the village, there is a dog’s tail grass is happy to accompany the growth, there are indelible traces of memories. Shadow of childhood, once there, people will suddenly alert played. Sometimes to the field, to other villages, those stone gap, those weeds, those green spring side, pedestrians eyes, the eyes will not help looking, with me growing cordial sites.

Three years ago, in Beijing Sanyuan Bridge, crossing a small park, I saw a kind of grass. Similar to the dog’s tail grass, but more than I’ve seen a lot of the big dog’s tail grass, because it is not OK, so called big dog’s tail grass. In the end is not, I do not want too much accountability. For me, no matter where, what time, as long as the shadow of childhood, the country’s shadow, even real magic, I feel very cordial.

A few years ago, when they heard the song "If I was just a blade of grass," the first image of the grass on my mind, only the dog’s tail grass. As if the songs grass, refers to the dog’s tail grass. Small, very tenacious.

In front of this strain of the dog’s tail grass, its seeds must be drifting with it, come from, and that was not important. She was swaying dawn, at the moment the sun has extremely bright. Grass plants unbowed, occasionally slightly trembling moment, the rest of the natural loose, fluffy, pointing to the sky, enjoy the sunshine, point clouds, seems to be drifting into the sky dream.

Under the blue sky, just ordinary grass tree, but it has Farstrider dream, everywhere leisurely life, everywhere is home.

To leave, I will not cut off this grass, like pinch constantly childhood memories of the dog’s tail grass, deep in my heart. And now, my only decision was immediately listen to the song "If I was just a blade of grass."