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I am a liar

[ 7/2/2014 5:33:13 PM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     

I only think you happy




I do not want to deceive people. However, sometimes there is no way to abandon deception. In the case of helpless, I can only take deceive approach.

I cheated their children. There are times, children have a cold, she does not want to take medicine, I lied, she said, the drug is not bitter, sweet. However, the child lick a lick, knowing that I lied to her, hand wave, the bottle smashed. I do not blame her, because I was wrong. I really did not use, do not lie to a sensible child without success.

Lie to children, but also adults lie, and even his own father, I can cheat. Father during the Great Nanning medical treatment, I serve him every day, both deceived him. Said that his illness was a minor illness, can be cured. In fact, only I know, he had the disease is cancer, can cure well? But do not want to see him eat, the body weaker and weaker, that haggard look, I pains. I am reluctant to see him, want him to eat something, to extend his life. I cheated on the father, has been lured him away from the earth. If he has a soul in heaven, I do not know how to treat his son?

Patients already very painful. I was in the patient’s pain above, plus deception, it is too harsh. For me this is not the intention to deceive, even his heart felt sour. Really, I do not want this!

Lie, my approach is not clever. But sometimes still very useful. Once, a neighbor gave me a bowl of cat meat, that smell is very attractive, is suitable for my drinking. But I heard that cats very nutritious, I give a grandmother, her Bubu body. The grandmother also want to eat my grandson, I also put Maorou end. I said, do not like to eat cat meat, if you do not eat Grandma, I’ll Maorou drained. Thus said, when my grandmother, the back end of the cat meat. I saw my grandmother relish, very pleased at the side.

Lie, sometimes heart sour, sometimes sweet.

Lie is a bad behavior, thought ugly. However, as long as someone can make better life. I would rather back liar infamy. Child, I lied; adult, I lied; father, I lied; grandmother, I lied. I became a liar.

People say, between husband and wife to Heart with stickers, have something good to discuss. However, I became a liar. My wife and I sometimes do not communicate. Once in the morning at 9 o’clock, and I was still in bed, his wife called several times, not up. Wife angry curse. But call me useful? I felt powerless, lightheadedness. I think of it, but not together. Wife knows I usually get up at 6:00 usually, and felt something pulling me back. I said: "You let me sleep a little of it, I’m tired." I did not say he was sick. If the disease, she would worry. I would rather suffer wrong she called me!

I have always hated liars. But I did lie, cheat and even relatives. I do have a conscience? What do you say?