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Butcher latch

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Our village is the "butcher" is not called "butcher", but called "butcher." New Year, more affluent people to the village, "butcher", rest assured that pigs are home raised, in addition to its own reward, but some meat to friends and family, no fair, give neighbors sell some, we had one in the United States and the United States.

Each village should have a few "butcher" latch Shuzi inherited his father, in addition to the usual closing crops, destroyed a yellow bag, four hogs, his knife very accurate, knife down, pigs howl on the things that trouble to pick out a few quick cut sealed needles, painted a little edible vegetable oil, pork Wazi seems like nothing can walk around it. The village people are lamenting his skills, it was said, if needed eunuch, latch absolute "purification" of the master, the village can not tolerate him, went to the Forbidden City as early as cautiously as "masters" to go.

"Feminist mention tail, each with its own method of killing." Stumpy’s latch t have a butcher, knife down, pigs can be killed, not torture; finished killing pigs, without money; butcher, fall is the "pork bellies", and some others, but also to kilograms of meat. I was a kid followed latch t, butcher it and see who the kids watch together, blowing pig Niaopao when football kicks, very interesting. T-bolt lock with two-meter-long iron will turn to turn to the intestines, wash clean. Sometimes, it can drink "pork bellies" lung, pig intestine, such as irritable bowel Dudu pig heart and the northern Shaanxi noodles, green onions, ginger soup with straw burning, then soak a few slices daguokui, no oil is not greasy, oil and water in a rare day, feeling warm.

With this craft, Zhao Xifu easy. Kitayama dependent on the weather on the plateau, densely populated, latch father cut several kilograms of meat, bought ten with cannabis, pack two bucket gave his son in exchange for wheat wife. The wife is pretty long, is said to go to school is good, and will sing opera, riding a donkey back to the village, the village’s young and old man stunned Doukua good good, latch find a good wife.

Layue slack, his son married the mother to give the baby a latch cut mandarin ducks grilles, paper cutting immediately into, scissors suddenly fell to the ground, stabbed in the leg. Buddhist, she quickly burned incense and bowed, mandarin ducks bloody unlucky, eventually vivid paperwork to go into the fire, ashes.

It seems that the son of the wife is not a good crop, fox gas too.

Latch not hog her father is a butcher, after the land contract, the village men and women are like the tides drift earn money to go to the south, a village, the remaining sick and elderly, with almost a ghost town.

Nobody raised pigs, the mayor of the village of brick kilns package accomplishing pig all day from the city at night to pull swill oil pigs, pigs fed back to what the pill, only a year to grow into the three pigs months will be able to come to light is that everyone’s favorite "skinny version of the type."

Pretty little daughter sitting on the doorstep every day, afar Kitayama, gently singing opera Lady White Snake’s "Broken": "West Lake also remains the same, but haggard hard frost of autumn eyeful dyed Royal Wintry thin, painful. Recalling Past tour. "

Mother latch happy, singing so bleak tone, the home can sing unlucky.

Latch neighbor saw a woman by working Hongxia also built a two-story Western-style, and my heart just around the corner, we must go to the south to work, your mother or not, for fear his handsome wife ran.

In the latch efforts, wife belly finally have a movement up and down with the crown, the mother in relief.

Bittersweet. Did not think, after giving birth to grandson; latch dad ran straight down to the ground but did not wake up. Some people say, old man killed a lifetime pigs, killing many, owe too much, this is retribution.

Latch mother, seeking Buddha bless. Then categorically to latch said: "My baby, as long as you are my son, henceforth we no longer castrated pigs, butcher multi good deeds.!"

Latch, said: "Now people do not have a feminist, and full mechanization, irrigation was to get the faucet to the pig belly full, direct electrical dead meat in this water, it was still eat flattered!."

"Yeah sin, sin." Mother latch holding prayer beads, read to.

April eight, to the village temple. Village by pig fortune, from the provincial capital group invited to the village famed opera performances, stay home and watch the baby latches, the wife does not fall to see the drama of the day, every day, Mother latch chanting, praying for the family.

Play loose last night, pretty little wife threw son never came back. Mr. Yin and Yang village, half blind, said he saw the latch wife sat singing car is gone, along with performers go.

Ancient "to persuade his wife to kill a dog," the story of filial serve parents, unfortunately, butcher latch, the fact that Lin is not scared wife discredited.

Latch silent.

"And sea, and sea it?" Latch Mother shouted.

Grandson, also inexplicable crying one night.

Day had before. Latch wife also looked to the provincial capital, there is no trace of the village in the south of the New Year came back to tell him to work in the salon have seen, when Miss it!

Latch hear, dead heart.

Village to see the day could not pull the latch open blocked arteries, called him for help. Now matter rich, who do not eat meat on scared "three high", vegetarian and more, but it was what also dare to eat, mayor in the town opened a "dog shop" business is booming. It really did not kill a dog mechanization, the latch can really invited to the store to kill a dog.

"Kill yourselves. Harm Yeah. Not go." Latch Niangshui.

"Do not go, ye feed the baby die? Now, in addition to the air, not money, and consequently money." Filial latch finish, the arms of a stuffed baby to the mother, to keep the village away.

Latch remember, as a child, the New Year to buy new clothes, no money, his father would let him quietly took a long dog whip to commune supply and marketing cooperatives, supply and marketing outlets to close the acquisition of seal penis, you can sell some money. Acquisition of a girl who is a baby, and asked him to buy what? He said selling dog whip. Angered others laugh, baby girl blush. After his father told him to sell when selling dog whip said was "male dog that." Latch remember. Once the New Year, no money to buy firecrackers, he thought of a way, knead clay seal penis, wrapped in paper, let the junior partner to supply and marketing cooperatives to sell, the girl looked at it to accept it.

"Dog roll three roll, fairy waddled" the mayor said: "dog up five workers and injured seven, Yiyang things up blood, thick stomach, lower real coke, fill the essence." Leadership eat meat for money, the neighboring village donkey have killed over, only eat dog whip, and small dogs also killed a rabbit village thrust over, the city people love dogs, only the idea of trying to get make up a stray dog, eat whip to get a few leaders.

"Dog not on the table." Worldly things very strange day, people do not eat the past, and now the popular.

Crashed blades flashing blood spatter,

I am scared Jiao Shi female trembling chilling.

Zhazheng earn wide open eyes with a mesh look,

Bloody dog’s head landing roll side.

Almost kill a dog and a feminist. Eat dog meat, but also fresh, can not take "tetramine" drug dead dog, to now kill, and then eat dog meat puree drink wine, get drunk. Latch dogs, but also gentle and trouble knife down, determined not to get a dog to live with a pot of boiling water, or take the dog sticks his head thing. Relying to the village dogs, sell dog meat, latch the dependent adult son, also found a widow, lived a dull day.

Mother day Buddha, eyes are smoked in half blind.

After graduating from college son, went to the south, that is where to find a good job, earn good money.

Latch, did not stop. They are the parents of a child lock heart, tied around the waist parents, his son has grown up, they let him go!

Son fared well in the South, bought a house looking for a girlfriend, get married, when you want to please their parents adults.

Latch widow now ready to bring his son’s stepmother to go, but his son said to find his biological mother, biological mother to attend.

Do not agree with changing the lock spade, date of marriage pushed around. Son born baby, did not engage in the ceremony.

Village to latch said, someone presents a good business. South a big hobby boss grilled tiger, tick tigers, Tibetan penises, eat tiger meat, drink tiger blood wine. To please the latch to peel the meat. Latch does not agree. The mayor told him that people had been anesthetized tiger dead, you just peel the flesh only, you have to kill the tiger, Pasha? Besides, the price is also good hand! The village people speak back to work, Southerners eat something there: do not eat the poles of a leg, two legs do not eat people, three-legged tripod eat, eat four-legged table. In addition to this, consequently dare to eat monkey brains, Tom and Jerry, naked snake, they are delicious on the tongue!

Latch tempted, live life, busy town in the village. Mother remembered Buddha also quietly went. The rest yourself, nothing can be maintained tied up. Go south to the boss stripping meat, but also the way to see his son, who has a grandson. Also care about what? For his son, his heart has been very guilty.

After stripping the tiger meat, Mama bloody knife on the desktop side, the big boss asked him to try to make an exception, drank some tiger bone wine.

Latch some smug, also sang some opera "Golden Beach":

Robinson like cattle to graze silkworms eat mulberry;

Power to make dead cow nose,

Silkworm silk spitted on the death roll pan;

I do not know eat beef cattle suffering,

Wear rungra turns silkworm suffer;

I do not know ye, drill down the road speeding Che Gulu.

Village crying: "latch Yeah, people say that dogs can not change shit you forever hog butcher to kill the tigers kill a dog, never eat meat, another place, went to the South, ye changed.?"

Returning to their roots. The mayor and his son to hire a truck to latch back to the village, the village who died in the field not to smack village detour.

Before entering the funeral, the village half-blind, Mr. Yin and Yang found that the neck of the throat latch was severing the car, even those who grow dog hair. Hired eight Han carrying a coffin, more important, is not possessed of many ghosts?

Mr. Yin and Yang murmuring, he latches on to salvation.

"Close your eyes, the world has nothing to do with me."

Every night, over the village, it seems that there are thousands of dogs in the call, the faint cry latch. No one dares to go out, only widows but also keep the door, the wind blew the rusty lock sub pops ringing....