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Regarding the soul

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Dream, everyone has done, especially every woman, life do not know how many dreams have done. I am also a woman more than a dream, a dream sleep almost every night, every morning is to wake up from a dream. Do not know how he is, and always will have a false sense of not belonging to this earthly existence in the mind, it will always be some people that do not understand the idea of jumping out. Because they know their inner world is deep into the others can not, and some of their ideas is that others can not agree, so the face all around, has been just choose Tolerance and silence. Frown worldly chaos, but can not escape; listen Red noisy noisy, but can not shield! In a spring afternoon, the mind moving in a dream, floating heart’s deepest longing, Dangqi a blue lake, a cavity tenderness joy, flying a bunch of hearts dream ......

Warm breeze, white silk fluttering blossoms floating body, as if floating like a feather, floating high in the sky. Calm, so still without a ripple; Xin Ping, Ping was no dime downs; around so still as if windswept could hear the sound. Xiao slowly wanders in a high steep hill, blue sky and white clouds floating in the front, suddenly, something called "feel good" feeling overflowing heart. Looking view, fleecy clouds, dancing Feifei, ups and downs, the distant sky, blue satin, bow between accidental, as if treading on clouds, floating down after a few seconds, suddenly stunned, actually craggy rocks under their feet, Shi Qi torn body in a high mountain summit, more surprising is that he has no fear and panic, has not yet had time to reflect on what, had been attracted by the beauty around him. A green stream flowing quietly at the foot of the mountains, winding down, brook style yellow canola flower is in full bloom, at first glance, a beautiful yellow relying on stream, continuously, does not seem to end. Looking back was removed, the other side of the creek, is a grass, green grass in the spring nod Jiduo unknown flowers, swaying with the spring, a pair of butterflies ups and downs, Pianfei, playful. Behind came the Kingfisher mildly gorgeous chirp sound. Blue sky and white clouds floating, surrounded by mountains, the flowers, the grass dance, the birds singing ... well opt for a fairyland. Therefore, overjoyed, can not wait to falling, falling ......

Feet a touchdown, then overjoyed, looked eye lift, living a stream, sparkling streams, occasionally in front of a colorful light reflection section, a little bright, but not dazzling, brook some rolling hills Qiu, green, and green grass, a winding trail has been extended forward. Up is still grass, winds on, no end. Qi rolling down a small hill, the highest hill vague can see the distant hilltop towering on the hill seems a boulder, boulder beside two tall pine trees there, standing at the top. Looking back and look at the other side of the river, what you just Pianfei down the tall Rock Hill, Rock Hill are jagged rocks, to the bottom, but like with a brand-brand ax together to open up a side walls, stands in the creek. Cliff entire piece, extremely smooth, and occasionally, a road wave is refracted sunlight onto the walls, it will leave a track in the smooth white walls, like a stage lamp left bunches of white Xuanliang , projected on a smooth stone walls like the stage that dreamy light. This is the beauty of nature, ah, and the stage that the artificial creation of the United States, but there is a world of difference.

With wavefront flow, they broke into the eyes that hint of yellow again, the pace of involuntary eye hurried towards the TV drama with a yellow Rush. Just walk a few steps, he walked to the yellow rapeseed, canola flower fragrant smell ray will penetrate nasal, ear seemed to hear a few times "buzzing" sounds, walk a few steps, he saw a pair of canola flower Pina flying a few industrious little bees collecting pollen is hard for human brewed sweet honey. The farther we go, the more heart wins endless, until that piece into their beautiful bright yellow flowers. So walking by the bridle walks in the flowers was the first time, life has never seen such a grand flowers, curiosity dictates, all of a sudden it wants to know exactly how this piece of canola flower wide sea, I thought, if he could fly up just fine, and that you can quickly see the flowers in the end.

They begin with the heart, himself, had a lengthy Pianfei light over the flowers, the former speed, and vistas, still boundless, we saw a clear stream, that road has been wrapped in a beautiful yellow middle, unlimited Nobu forward, even with a small hill next to the bulge, still failed to block that extends forward yellow. Forward every now and then about the big half an hour, still not the end. Along the way have not seen half of the figure he strayed into a paradise like no earthly strife, noisy, not the mundane world of intrigues. Heart secretly wondering, is not that their most fairyland you’re looking for? Now that enter this paradise on earth, why should actively look for the exit, to find that the source of it? Why the grass in that stream, built a hut, and then plant some fruits, looking toward the rising sun, sunset sky curtain reward, why make yourself uncomfortable return to that of mundane earthly time to waste it?

Thoughts and this will no longer hesitate, immediately turn off the figure, back every now and then, perhaps anxious, body free to move, and soon returned to the stream had a piece of grass, a look back behind him, in a roundabout trail at the foot of a small hill stretches to the top of the hill, maybe there will be another round of the highest hilltop views, Samaranch more beautiful, more beautiful scenery.

Heart outfit, flew into the path without hesitation, stepping soft grass, proudly line, looked up from time to time on a small hill away boulders, pines, grown under their feet they like endless force, as soon as one would climb on the boulder, to enjoy the beautiful scenery, and thus do not feel a little tired, my heart only for a quick glimpse at the haunted eagerness. As the trail stretches all the way forward, the trail has slowed down the slope is upward, until the foot of a small hill in the mountains come only gradually steeper.

I do not know when, forehead has the slightest sweat oozing, he stopped at the foot of the hill, stay awhile, Huixiu Shihan, turned staring, opposite the Castle halfway, dolphin sizes, thickness not are larch, like one outgrew the guard sentry, mighty stand. Move eye down, is that rolling the rape, from afar, a touch of bright yellow rapeseed relying on dry and green, it is even more delectable, Nama yellow, dazzling yellow, yellow was charming, like rain sun, golden shot round after round, tempting warm, the sense of wonder.

Next to the rape is that the clear creeks, streams and clear, cheerful marching footsteps, gurgling flowing torrents, like a carefree child, whether fine or squally showers, are not it affects mood; whether summer or winter, are not about its direction. Never lost, never stranded, singing all the way, went straight to the sea.

The other side of the river is another piece of the rape, wrapped in a beautiful yellow tightly around the small hill near the creek stretches down. At the moment, Nama yellow ribbons will be attached to my feet, rolling hills and down with. This wipe yellow and yellow not the same across the Nama, which wiped out the yellow presented foes are yellow, rarely seen green, all green are yellow to cover this high-handed and exhausted, not a trace.

A little rest, then continue toward the hills to climb on top of the boulder, half an hour after Jizou about large boulders will be greeted with pines, seeing destination is close at hand, it is in high spirits, want to see the mound top of scenery and fast eagerness dictates, suddenly like a runaway horse, ran hurriedly to lightning speed to Hill Top, climb boulders, suddenly relaxed and happy, living in Hill Top, panoramic views of the surrounding. A bow, like a flowing creek and saw ribbons, and two yellow satin with a right-hand man as the brook creek, close to the banks of streams, inseparable. Across the lush green hills, Keke Lin Licheng pines shade, even more vigorous, upright. Vistas on the gurgling stream, continuously, under Huangcan ribbon embellishment in the next two babbling brooks, it is the United States and the Canada-US. The look of the eyes at the end, it seems there is mountains, Yingyingchaochao. This concept of beauty, although there is no "would be extremely Ling, list of small hills," the lofty aspiration, but it will be surrounded by the panoramic views of the hills, the hills underground scenery foes stepped on the foot.

Standing in the hilltop, the slightest breeze flowing through, just a few minutes’ scene, the original sweating already have disappeared along with the cool breeze drift. Turn off the figure, look toward the source of the river search, you want to find a source, but failed to do so, being from between melancholy, suddenly crashed into the eyes skiff on the boat like a man standing, Yi Mei Pianfei, see is male or female, but according to the figure and common sense point of view, it should be a man, but I do not know how old this man, whence came, and why and to this ......

Between being meditated, ears thunder sounded "Mom, to heavy rain, get up close clothes ah!" Reluctantly opened his bleary eyes, attend to find it destroyed my dream instigator afterwards, hurried a Gunpa since even have time to put on shoes, went straight to the outside on the playground drying clothes, blankets and ran.

At this point in the sky, a black, curly dark clouds billowing, like ink to spill down the same, even the people standing below, there is a sense of suffocation, no wonder his son screamed, closed with a rush we Nianger Liang drying things, as we are going to receive, when finished, huge raindrops smashed down to the ground, hanging laundry appliances have not had time to close in, a burst of heavy rain on the ground frantically down, that it is like chasing raindrops our footsteps pouring down, we just walked the corridors, beans big rain had sprinkled the edge of the corridor.

Busy all, shaken my spirit like a little trance, before scenes still entrenched in the mind, dream like magic, if that is a dream, but it is so clear, as the mountains, the water, the flowers, that butterfly, man, that scene, and even that was not explained in the wonderful state of mind is so real, as if it were yesterday, or before the second. I deeply know that although everything is so beautiful, it’s charm, but it’s still just a beautiful dream.

Perhaps this is the dream of breeding should Xinlingzhiyue the illusion; Perhaps this is the most eager to live deep in the heart. Every person on earth, and still walking between dream and reality, every day, dreaming, dream every day, every day in the direction toward the dream run. However, we remain convinced that: dreams, they feel at ease; dream, we will not lose running direction ......