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Should not be lost youth

[ 7/11/2014 5:44:20 PM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     



So big that he never stood in front of a toy store, never sent a temper to old parents, because the error was never too much blame ... themselves learned more life skills: humility right and wrong, good manners. What took years together? We are losing or have?

Time is a terrible thing. Mother looked at the legs of a regular old photo laugh, warmth is unusually quiet. I have looked over. It is some years Zhang photograph of a sea breeze blowing around my mother. Behind the blue sea is stained yellowed years. Most of the time she was high, she was also really is my mountain. Later I found myself coming to the fore more mountain. I know, I bring years of strong growth of the body, at the expense of the mother of the hill hard. Scrutinize face. She is so white, his face still youthful warmth, not years now yellow, now that there is no time to be squeezed wrinkles, smiling gently. Of course, my face has been tampered with years more mature, I did not see the price? Forgive years of cruel, yellowed photographs cover all the details.

Know the photos. What may be the mother’s laugh laugh? Confused. Way back in the evening, I asked.

She did not see me. I stared at her unusually calm face, her eyes would somehow dodge. She did not laugh, do not cry, do not even see the face of a small muscle movements. That was the longest few seconds, she was thinking. After that, she turned away to the west atheistic vision - sunset. "Son, if this is the last sunset, you will catch it?"

Quiet, and I did not speak, even if my heart to repeat mantra "yes", but stuck in the throat. That was the hardest to understand words sentence. Later, there will be no later

After one day, accidentally saw a word of the book: "killer kill kill the object of his life died suddenly, the killer eventually dies." I do not know why the mother could be linked, but indeed make I’m through.

My mother is the sun, her sunrise and sunset are all for me. Years she lost the light color, I want to cry, to find the mother that lost vitality, young, healthy, youthful journey ...... years, can not lose her youth, would prefer to never get.