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The cool moments, silence is very nice

[ 7/11/2014 5:57:08 PM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     



The cool autumn morning, penetrating through the windows of the gap, sleeping quietly stroked my face gently humming in my ear Concerto autumn dawn, wake Sleeping Beauty is still warm embrace of a nightmare for me.

Dispelling wind and sudden rain last night, the dream I look forward to tomorrow gentle sun climb windowsill. Thus, the dream scared me to hang around and sat up from a warm bed, a little like a sparrow hopping barefoot over the cold floor, in a hurry to open a window sill curtain; see today whether it is no wind, no the most rain sunny dawn eastern sky is hanging the rising sun, so the soft light scattered over my body, driving the cool of autumn.

But I sleepily through the windows to see the Inclined rain darkened sky, no glimmer of light, fog Toki haunted mountains, clouds blossoming eyes looked at me proudly, I wear thin suddenly felt a cold.

Standing on the windowsill, the desire to instantly fall yesterday, divide the heart, a little lonely. The slightest rain washed the dust on the windows, the windows like a faded white dim mirror, look tired and disappointed intertwined swayed me.

The east campus is low hills, slopes covered with the Reeds. When the burst of autumn wind blowing through the mountains of Reeds swaying, dancing ascertain wind, extraordinarily graceful; small white flowers on its branches also wind hovering and flying in the sky like a meteor like a romantic cherry rain, a little fantasy, particularly charming. At the moment my eyes rain docked in this small hill, feeling relieved, it became clear, mouth raised a smile.

The original rainy day you can enjoy the different scenery, so I enjoy the rain with my soft serene beauty quietly. Around was so quiet, everything seems just woke up scenery like; listening to the wind, listening to the rain, watching the rain Reeds, looking at the sky covered with fog, rain relieved the lonely, the mood becomes suddenly, Minds change a haze of mirror-like sky.

When I saw the windows in casual moment in his own messy hair fluffy, barefoot, wearing black-rimmed glasses, a little chapped lips, wearing some white vest Sin, I can not help but laugh and feel good but my heart and very embarrassed chuckle.

When a beam of light through the windows into my eyes, I suddenly looked up to look up to the sun rising in the east, staring, staring Inclined rain in the rising sun. The sun broke through the dark clouds, smiling cheek, filled with elegant and comfortable sunny; fiery flowery sun shiny red horizon clouds, clouds in the air at the moment has become convergence; gentle rain still underground, and the wind still softly blowing, and the rising sun in the silky strands of smoke in the rain is extraordinarily beautiful and moving; early Morning Rain early dawn under the sun, windowsill Yilianyoumeng also transparent, I was ecstatic, beautiful sun, gave I am the most beautiful moved.

The quiet of the sky, even without words, I can see a sunny day set aside to go dark, feeling it gives me inner sun. The cool autumn thin to me, in the wind, in the rain, I do not feel bitter cold, the rising sun gave me the warm heart of the sun.

The cool time. Maybe we rainy days in the dark clouds, the mind gets in a layer of dark-colored fog, rainy days brings us take it seriously lonely sadness; please do not sway silently lamenting the rain pavilions, sentimental ethereal as dust mirage.

Silent beautiful. You just have one person stood quietly in front of the balcony windows, looking bizarre forms scattered rain, with a heart to appreciate relieved the gloom of a rainy day, discover the beautiful scenery.

The cool time, silent beautiful. Quietly enjoying a morning person time, once those bearish indelible pain, waiting quietly on the balcony, watching the sun climb the ledge all the sadness and bitterness will become clear sky.

Autumn and the cool, sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance; hibiscus flowers, years of quiet good; cloud sparse tannoy, golden waves of grain, and love, such as air; Splendour in the flower kite wrote: the cool moments, silent beautiful.