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This rich and colorful vocabulary seems to be a woman’s exclusive, if certainty tucao in men. Over time, the beauty of this world is undoubtedly a pleasing landscape.

A woman, regardless of the size or appearance of the merits of the age, if being called loudly beauty, even though she looks and compliments others have very different, secretly will spend the angry heart, bursting with confidence. Today, people are also flattering to a woman’s status was high, while women will see the beauty of the subconscious compliment cry, whether exaggerated, all kindly ladies metropolis, which meets the extreme beauty of the ladies vanity.

Under the United States in appearance, which can be reflected and interpreted in a number of women who have beautiful faces Yumao had read online tour of a beautiful bunch Videos of drying out, and that posture and coquettish eyes Erotic undoubtedly stimulate a lot of friends of the opposite sex dreams blood pressure and nervous system, provoke a lecherous expression that one, enough to see a woman’s beauty is fortunate. However, a piece full of tourist attractions of its standing stones Schwimmer on indecent photographs on eye-popping, I wanted to give her a "fair and foul within" comment, I’m really afraid unworthy of my gentle, rational final wrote "cheap riding text" words, but also too afraid to fight so that this beautiful face I do not know what.

Heart of beauty in everyone, for external beauty, women are particularly valued. In appearance for the United States is a popular trend in women and aesthetic direction bored.

I do not know who once said, "looks like a beautiful summer fruits, most likely to aging and difficult to save." This is the beauty who must follow the laws of nature. It is not difficult to infer, seductive beauty who brings the external appearance late fatigued easily. Mosuo woman wearing a flower that Yang two cars Lahm to the ladies raised a very pertinent suggestions and advice "not as good as live pretty nice."

Thus, the practice of wisdom Life is beautiful women must be given attention. In the traditional view, the beautiful women at the same time to control the appearance charming, always used to take the ladylike or Xiaojiabiyu pursue self-denial. Those patriarchal male who think prostitutes real beauty, it is not unreasonable, prostitutes are prostitutes by the Buddhist clergy evolved, in their heart of hearts there is a noble and sacred. They committed adultery with cheap whore very different things. They are familiar with the poetry and painting, with a deep meaning to impress and conquer men.

Understandable, whether this progress of human society since ancient times, I am afraid that even in the future, the United States and the woman who is the most appropriate place, which is also the most able to demonstrate to the human civilization. Beautiful woman can Empress Dowager, more disastrous. Four Beauties of ancient China immortal, who can determine its own destiny, have done a tool of political intrigue under spared.

Patriarchal society demanding a woman of beauty, is the destruction of a woman’s physical and mental shackles. Compared with the Empress Dowager, The names written into the annals of beauty can, at all times, through the ages, the bottom of society to those of ordinary women who would extreme misfortune, in Thailand and Myanmar border, Karen gave his childhood in girls bring a group of copper on the neck elongated neck collar, the nation is considered a symbol of a woman beautiful long neck and wealth. Female circumcision in Africa for the United States, still continues the tradition of bad habits such brutal ignorance. Chinese women far more fortunate, from the Northern and Southern Dynasties to the Republic of the change of the number of years of history, women with "lotus feet" for the United States, a woman’s foot for Jingui than the face, is more important than life. Now Chinese woman with bound feet, had accumulated into a bitter culture dusty yellowed books in history.

A woman, whether you classical water, or brilliant beauty blossoming, it’s just you have the external beauty. Really touched people’s hearts is the connotation of temperament and intellectual woman restrained. For women in general can look beautiful in appearance under the United States, China and the U.S. in Chile, the United States and the heart to make the most simple pertinent interpretation. On the United States in mind, supreme goodness. "People are born good." Reading ancestors of discipline, Appreciating the beauty of both parties to do good.