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Smart does not equal wisdom

[ 7/15/2014 6:01:22 PM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     



Text / soft heart

Smart does not mean wisdom. Smart is an ability to survive, mostly due to an inherited it; And wisdom is a survival state, it is more of an acquired repair.

- Inscription

Maybe in this world there are many smart people, but not many people truly wise, including myself. I admit that he is a relatively intelligent person, but I do not say that he is a special wisdom.

Smart people always rely on the ear, by eye. The so-called paying attention. Then is a clever mouth can speak fickle. These I have. My life is a principled man. Perhaps, if I had a heart HYDRAT Yes, I always look particularly friendly with those who treat life those things. If I respect you respect, no problem, we can always maintain a certain relationship to go, because my nature is a relatively long love of people.

But if I respect you ten feet, but you invade my dime, I can make, considered inadvertent; You’re one of my guilty, I can retire, as a tolerant people get along. But if you are still offended, then I would suspect that this is not a little provocative taste. I will no longer make any concessions.

If you say that I am also a strong minded woman, then maybe it will reflect at this time. No matter what kind of feelings, from the beginning, I did not sincerely care about, perhaps, the last good and bad have become less important. It is because they can always pay a very sincere and friendly, so will not accept the initiative to offend others. Sometimes the brain’s logic becomes very strong, in my mind, there will be a lot of assumptions and why? Then always strive clear right or wrong, the right people can be forgiven, but the wrong people must have a sorry attitude. Otherwise, I will not accept it.

The reality of life is telling me that a lot of time, so how can people discern between right and wrong and wrong? Even so, it is not easy to speak clearly.

Having gone through some things, I was suddenly, life is not only a need for a smart, it’s more a kind of wisdom needed. While relying on the wisdom of the heart, the so-called wisdom from the heart.

Smart people always use the brain to think, analyze, this is true, it is a rational way of thinking. But the wise man is to understand the intentions, what awareness, which is a kind words and deeds of the wizard. A wise man, perhaps his ideas, insights and judgments are not wrong, it is because the correct perception of these forces, so the smart people in the face of what is often easily angered, impulsive, eager to debate the complaint, hoping to teach all people can understand the truth of the matter, does not allow a little vague.

And a truly wise man, in the face of things, he would in a silent and elegant posture, with a calm and relaxed way, you can effortlessly achieve the goal they want to achieve. Smart people stand out, Superman, one chip; while the wise often including but not exposed to the birth of attitude, doing things the WTO. Obviously, the wise man is not enough and a wise man confrontation.

In real life, the wise can bring wealth and power, wisdom, but it can bring priceless happiness. Therefore, for the fiscal clever enough, find out if the trouble, but the wisdom of non-repair can not.

Smart people generally pure heart is relatively straightforward Jane, to go straight. So often, smart people are also highlighted, hard-edged; while Wise is relatively Ayutthaya, he is not like the deep drain. Wise hidden behind others, but doing everything to achieve by doing nothing;

Perhaps the wise man will do self-maintenance Obviously, failing to articulate, sharp language; while Wise is articulate, soft wind, but it can not compete with the potential to achieve nothing indisputable purposes.

Smart people who are good life skills, knows the score, both ways, some of it will seem lively active; wise because of the indifferent and appears willing deserted aloof, calm and relaxed. Smart people are more sensitive, and therefore also more trouble; while Wise was able to achieve a "not pleased, not to have compassion," the state to stay away from trouble.

Smart people can in many cases put my opportunity to know when the shot; while but more wise know when to let go. So Nadeqilai are smart people, and be able to do in a timely manner to let go, is wise.

It would appear that the smart people in this world, not many, there are an estimated ten; while the wise men of the world, even more than the estimated one hundred miles is immune. So, make a wise man is not easy to make a wise man, is even more difficult.

Clever, is the state of a person’s life skills and techniques, and wisdom, but it is one based on the world level. It is a repair A connotation. Is a clever far from sufficient to exceed the height. So clever, never equal to wisdom.