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Bai Ling birds travel in mind

[ 7/17/2014 6:02:45 PM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     



I became a Bai Ling bird. In the world that March day, when I read the views of the South after all, I only feel tired boring. At this time, the South slowly elevated temperatures. In order to avoid the summer heat of southern dip, I have a good discussion with the guys, we went to northern Heilongjiang province Daxinganling virgin forest to the summer, so I will be the way to take a look a few of my friends.

Greening the North do not hear, we eat a lot of gulping wildly flowers, seeds, both to fill his stomach, and we hope that dreams can put seeds scattered on the northern fertile land.

In the snow butterflies wizards in March with the help of the wind, we fly and fly, fly and fly - laugh with, chasing, singing, when children comfortable being in a wonderful blue sky, sometimes intoxicated among the green leaves and fragrant flowers, sometimes amazing adventure among the big Haibo Tao, sometimes linger in the mountain stream scenery among ......

We fly and fly, fly and fly, finally flew to Beijing. At this point, we have tired of. So, everyone stopped to discuss, one can rest, and secondly, you can stroll the beautiful city.

I heard my sister Mei Xue Lihong work here, I’ll ask around to her address, she flew alone openly in front, can not think of a collision with Plum sister behind. I squat motionless. She put me holding a heart in his hand, was very happy. I look at the East, West looked. I surly looking cute, she’s so sad, so he took me to put it.

After staying a few days in Beijing, under my proposal, we are ready to go further north before passing through Shandong, so walking distance of some of the first, second, I have a few friends out there can be the way to visit it.

Our Fly fly, fly and fly, unknowingly flew Qiao Family Courtyard. I played with the guys after a greeting, it alone quietly slipped away side doors village office. I saw a man lying on the table absorbed in writing in the body, stood beside a computer. I think this person must be the prolific writer of prose old overseas online. I Banqi grimace, loudly shouting "Which married", "Which married," he indifferent. I went to a grain containing stones, threw on his desk, he shocked, or did not care. In order not to distract him, I’ll fly away. I would also like to catch a large force it?

We fly and fly, fly and fly, Tai’an unknowingly flew from Song Shuang sister only twelve mile away. At this time, I saw the sky thunder, the sky suddenly began to rain. When we forget the life to gallop forward to Song Shuang sister, we have become one drowned rat. We had a few people squatted under the eaves sister rain. Looking at the magnificent building, there was a new indoor decoration and luxurious belongings, I can not help Guyingzilian! In order not to disturb her sister a person, and leave a little memorial to her sister, we are in the sister’s home empty flowerpot house we brought down some flowers seeds. Etc. After the storm, we set off.

We fly and fly, fly and fly, unknowingly flew Sister Lotus dream country, then we have an empty stomach Luk Luk. I heard Sister Lotus dream home crops grow well, I was playing the Guizhu Yi. I took a few guys slipped into a Sister of crops, saw eyeful green, corn, corn, wheat and so on. We devoured a large. Then I saw a lean woman walked over the road from the terraced rice paddies, I thought this must be a dream Sister Lotus doubt. I was shocked, but also the heart of guilt, but to escape with partners quickly, and then continue north to fly.

We fly and fly, fly and fly, unknowingly flew in Dalian Zhuanghe chestnuts town house in a small village. Think of was finally able to see my sister always miss vegetation snow, I Bengtiyouduo happy! I took an arrow flew to the guys on the roof of vegetation snow sister, sister to lead out, we loudly shouting "grumble giggle", "grumble giggle," long time no response, we had to fly away. A few days later, I flew with the guys snow on the grass roof of his sister’s home, or loudly shouting "grumble giggle", "grumble giggle," or no response. A few days later, I flew with the guys on the roof of vegetation snow sister continued loudly shouting "grumble giggle", "grumble giggle." Cried cried, I saw a middle-aged woman dragging emaciated body came out from the house, pale face net, water Lingling eyes. This is not exactly what I have in mind the vegetation snow sister it? I ran rubs her face and gave her a kiss. She Laizhuo me, I ran. She did not move, I would stare at her eyes until she walked so far. Later, the same guys I have a good discussion, we also put savings on flowers and seeds scattered to the plots of his sister’s home.

See the vegetation snow sister, I also think of a few other friends walk home, and later gave up the idea. I heard YY home housed a stray dog, I’m afraid, do not want to go. Liu went to extraordinary Shanghai, will go to find people. CNR is a busy man, I do not want to bother him. Lee thought about where to eat assessment "water Eight Immortals", could not find a place. There are cherry cold water, Rain’s World, Morning Star, who last night, I only know that they may be a northerner, specific places is not known. I had to take the guys marching Horseshoe children sound, follow the book Chuang Guan Dong Fang friends predecessors traces all the way towards the Daxing’anling fly.

When we flew in Heilongjiang Province Mountains, summer has arrived quietly. Looked at the mountains and plains of the forest, soaking in the cool nature, pondering their travel experience, I better go!