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The horse boat crash again

[ 7/18/2014 9:39:35 AM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     





The horse boat crashed again, on July 17, according to Reuters, Malaysia in Ukraine a plane carrying 295 people - 295 aircraft crashed near the Russian border.The picture shows the horse boat Boeing 777 passenger plane crashed in donetsk region of the scene.

Beijing, July 18 (Reuters) According to foreign media reports, local time, 17, with 295 people on Malaysia MH17 airliner to crash in eastern Ukraine.Ukraine national security officials said, to intercept calls, according to two Russian military intelligence staff related to MH17 crash.

Reported that Ukraine, according to this dialogue is intercepted two Russian military intelligence staff.Call documentary has been posted to the Internet.Phone number in the man realized that shot down a plane after killing innocent cloth, profanity in panic.

Ukraine’s national security officials said: "now you see who commit crimes. In order to punish Russian military criminal act, we will make every effort."

Malaysia airlines Boeing 777 jet 17 in Ukraine, donetsk region near the Russian border.Russia, media reports said, about 280 passengers and 15 crew staff on board were killed.At present, the government of Ukraine and eastern folk armed deny is their shot down the plane.

After the incident, Ukraine’s foreign ministry said on the 17th, Ukraine to accommodate the horse boat airliner crash in Ukraine announced the evidence for Russian military involvement.

But the Russian President said about Russia’s intervention to shoot down MH17 saying "foolish"


On July 17, the airport in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, heep hall held a news conference, the horse boat, head of the European introduction.On the same day, a plane from Amsterdam in the Netherlands, heap, hall of the airport to fly to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia airlines flight MH17 went down in the east near the Russian border, a total of 295 passengers and crew on board.

Beijing, July 18 (Reuters) , CCTV reported the horse in the Netherlands is 17, the horse boat MH17 flight crashed held a press conference, said the plane on the number of manned by 295 to 298, there are 3 infants had not included in the statistics.Moreover, Dutch passengers on board from 154 to 157.

The horse boat European officials say, is with the various aspects on the event coordination.The data display with 295 people on board, including 154 Dutch, and according to the latest figures, there are 157 Dutch people on board.

Foreign media reported earlier there were 180 passengers and 15 crew staff on board.The horse boat, said, according to the latest action was not included in the statistics, there are 3 infants on board as a result, the once crashed the horse boat MH17 passenger plane carrying 298 people.

The horse boat MH17 airliner crashed July 17 in Russia and Ukraine border, killing the full, and then there were none.The horse boat, said MH17 as a Boeing 777, in Amsterdam 15 points to take off at 12 noon local time, was scheduled to Kuala Lumpur on 18 July 6 p.m. local time assigned to the port of destination.


Passengers nationality information:

The Dutch, 154

Australians 27

Malaysian 23 (including two babies)

Indonesians 11 (including one baby)

The British 6

The germans, four

The belgians four

Filipinos three

Canadian 1

47 people unknown nationality

A total of 280 passengers

Technical crew of four

Cabin crew men 11 (3 male / 8 female)

All the crew members for malaysians, a total of 295 people on the plane, Malaysian 35